7 Last Minute Tips to Prepare your eCommerce Store for Black Friday 2016

November 22, 2016 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Last Minute Tips for Online Store

With the Black Friday Sales season is just one week away you must have enhanced your store, offers, and marketing strategies but there is always a scope for improvement. You may have been busy stocking up your store or managing the staff for the holiday season and forget about giving a touch up to your store for the Black Friday Sales.

Don’t worry, you still have one few days’ time to prepare your eCommerce Webstore for the coming Holiday Day Sales Weekend.

We have created some tips to help you prepare the eCommerce Website with the last minute marketing strategies:

Discover Your Sales Goals:

The holiday season brings opportunities to make more sales, profits as well as customers. But you need to determine what products or services will your customers be interested in?

To determine the shopping behavior or changing trends, you can perform an online analysis but to define your sales goals for the upcoming Black Friday sales, review your previous Black Friday sales data and create a forecast for your store. This forecast will help in managing the product stock, equipment, working staff, marketing requirements etc.

Examine the Product Inventory

When you are preparing your online retail store for the Black Friday sales, it is required that you have enough product stock to fulfill customer’s orders. The holiday sales preparation starts with the website design and functionality along with the marketing strategies to attract and sell the products. But all these strategies end up with selling the products to your customers and however, the products inventory is of equal importance.

If you fail to update and stock up optimum product quantities in your warehouse, it may lead to the loss of a large number of sales as well as revenue. So, check the product inventory and stock up as per your requirement before the arrival of Black Friday Sales weekend.

Bring Awareness through Social Media:

During the holiday season or Online Sales, even the customers wait for the offers or sales’ updates through your different social media profiles. However, at the last minute, you should have two social media marketing rules :

  • Post the offers, discounts on the social media platforms together with sending personalized emails
  • Reply to the comments or questions asked by the audience on the social media posts.

Enable SSL:

The security issues with the online shopping and transaction are the biggest reason for some of the customers coming to your site but not purchasing anything. To gain the trust of your audience and make your store more secure, you need to make sure that the SSL is enabled for your Magento eCommerce store.

With SSL enabled, the customers will confidently purchase and share their financial details during the checkout process.

Upgrade the Store with Keywords:

In the marketing strategies applying this Holiday season, don’t forget to include the keywords or phrases to make the search engine crawl your site and display the results on the search engine results page. Try to include the keywords in the product or home page title, headings, product descriptions, texts on images and URLs.

Strengthen Existing Abandoned Cart Campaigns:

The Black Friday sales are the best time to make the abandoned cart campaigns stronger. For reducing the rates of shopping cart abandonment it is not necessary to create and follow new campaigns. You can achieve the goal of reduced abandoned carts by strengthening the old campaigns.

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When you are creating the offers or discounts, make sure you consider the products which are left in the abandoned carts. As the people who have added those items to their cart are most likely to buy the product, creating a personalized campaign can make them purchase that product without much hassle.

Encourage your Best Customers:

The Black Friday sales are solely not for attracting more audience and building new customers, it is also the time for retaining and engaging with your loyal customers. Along with creating marketing strategies to sell more of your products, create a plan to encourage your best customers with the special discounts or offers through all the possible channels.

Final Thoughts

Providing the quality products and services needs time. So, use the time left for the Black Friday sales to offer better quality services and create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers. This will help you to sell more products and create more profits.

Is your store ready to compete this Black Friday Sales season? Do you need any help in giving a last minute preparation for the holiday sales? Please feel free to speak to our eCommerce and marketing experts and make your online store Black Friday Sales-ready!

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Black Friday 2016 Guide

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