What Are the Best Ways to Write a Blog that Stands Out from the Crowd?

July 8, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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The pace of time has changed, don’t you think? Then you might also believe blogging is more important in 2021 than it was in 1999. When we talk about 1999, there were 23 blogs on the Internet, and now there are more than 600 million.

Get on board! Blogs have become an integral part of online business. In the course of time, priorities have also shifted. In the current generation of blogs, readers are more interested in content quality, navigation, and customized blog posts.

In the end, the goal is to compose a blog that stands out from the rest and also that readers enjoy the most. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Here we go…

When we type something into a search engine, a variety of blogs and blog posts appear. That’s the reality, even if it might seem overwhelming. As a number of companies compete in the market, we are unsure how to differentiate ourselves.

There is nothing to worry about since every situation has a positive aspect to it. Perhaps you’re asking yourself what’s so good about that, so here’s what it is:

  • Apples and Mangos are different

Knowing that the majority of blogs come from different niches is a good thing. Thus, we should not be concerned about those millions of blogs because they aren’t our competitors.

  • It’s not all white that’s sugar

You are probably ahead of most of your competitors if you think of yourself more as sugar than salt. As an example, in a crowded market, everybody writes blogs and markets on the internet, but each has his or her own style, tone, way, and most importantly, thinking. Thus, if you have the quality and power to connect readers, you can be sugar and leave the salts behind.

  • They don’t all last forever

Once in a blue moon! The average business won’t last longer than a year if it doesn’t have long-term goals. This is the pretty reality of today’s business world.

These things are important to understand and remember, especially if it takes you longer to accomplish your goals than you expected. Hope is better than hopelessness!

How to Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out?

Here we will look at how our blogs and blog posts can stand out from the audience using a deeper and more strategic approach.

  • Stop writing for robots or machines

Print this out and put it in a frame! You need to make sure your blog posts are written in a way that humans will understand rather than robots, since if you want people to click on your blog, they will read your posts.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you are writing a blog is that your headline and description must attract the reader’s attention. In addition, it is important to note that, at this time, you are taking care of readers and Google’s needs.

Yes, we want to write for people, but we also want search engines to take notice of our content, otherwise nobody will.

Further, you need to optimize the size of your title according to Google’s algorithms in order to make it easy to read or click.  As the title should work on both desktop and mobile devices, we should try to keep it at 55 characters, as that fits on both devices.

  • Let Your Personality Shine through words

The absence of personality in a blog is like the absence of scale in music. The internet has more than 660 million blogs across a variety of niches, including fashion, travel, information and technology, and others.

Even though you may be influenced by either fashion or travel, it’s important that you inject your personality into it rather than just copying it. Let your personality shine through.

While it may seem easy to say, being yourself adds value to what you write and what the reader understands. It is only through your own efforts that you can distinguish yourself as a respected blogger or writer and make your own image.

The things that you can do to enhance your blog’s appearance are to make it informatively unique, ideally similar, and imaginatively stunning. To be a bull’s eye while writing blogs, we suggest implementing these three mantras.

  • Make the use of social media channels drive traffic to the blog

Imagine that everything is “PERFECT”. Your work is stellar, but you have zero views. That’s where social media comes in, since it unlocks the traffic by exploring your content across search engines.

Let’s say you wrote about a fashion blog and you want to promote it, you can use Instagram or Facebook to get high visibility and traffic. In the same way, you can choose different platforms according to your niche.

You should, nevertheless, post your blog where your audience is located, as this is how you will receive tremendous traffic. You can hire a marketing strategist to help you determine where to post your blog.

In other words, if you don’t utilize social media networks and platforms for your blog, there’s little chance that you will get a single, repeating, single reader. The problem is that no one knows the platform on which you shared your blog, which will make you lose a lot of traffic.

  • Find a gap in the market and solve a problem

We are all sailors on the same boat. We only differ in the way we sail the boat. When it comes to blogging, sailors are writers who use the same perspective but in different ways. We need to define ourselves by being different and, most importantly, by being fresh.

Whenever you write a new blog, you should consider what it needs will satisfy as well as what your competitors are offering. We called this the gap in the market.

In order to find a gap:

  • Make sure you keep up with what’s going on in your niche
  • Consider your customers’ opinions
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors’ offerings


As a publisher or writer, your ultimate goal should be to be more valuable and memorable. You can stand out from the competition and crowd by adding quality to your writing and most importantly by adding a personal touch that readers can relate to.

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