The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Retail ERP in 2024

July 15, 2015 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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eCommerce platforms are supposed to be unbelievable in their ability to enable you to create websites that function according to your needs and parallel to that you must follow the latest E-commerce trends. Magento is one of the best platforms for custom web design as its features help you to resolve all your eCommerce challenges along with enhancing its performance by allowing Magento third party modules and certain custom features. In fact Magento is regularly updated through ‘patch bundles’ which are nothing but a bunch of updates offered together.

With Magento 2, you can seamlessly integrate third-party data sources to achieve an Omni-channel experience. Magento’s objective is to continuously enhance its services through innovative upgrades from trusted third-party providers. Major internet giants such as eBay and Amazon, along with traditional retail giants like Walmart and Target, have partnered with Magento, attributing their robust online presence to its platform. Leveraging Magento’s integration capabilities, you can establish your own storefront on these platforms, utilizing their extensive reach to showcase and sell your products.

So you may be thinking about what exactly does Omni channel mean and entail for you? Omni channel integrates the numerous touch point experiences that a customer or consumer has in today’s technologically charged times. It integrates all the possible customer interactions with the brand and integrates them to give a holistic experience to retailers. This gives retailers the opportunity to maintain a holistic view of their customers no matter how they decide to communicate with the brand. Without this opportunity, retailers would find it tough to find out their most valued customers because they wouldn’t be able to get even a single customer view. In turn this would fracture the retailer’s ability to provide a seamless and continuous customer experience.

The Omni channel option optimizes B2B and B2C eCommerce business functions of your store. A whole range of different business practices can be completed and business owners along with retailers can breathe a sigh of relief as their work will become more efficient and easy. Fully integrating your Magento account with the entire gamut of sales options puts you in a position that is accessible through different touch points. Basically giving you a certain ease in management by keeping everything on a single control panel.

Magento also helps in creating better customer experiences by enabling you to engineer different experiences for different customer categories. Magento is also compatible and integrated with a lot of online sites. Let us take a look at some of the most used online sites.

  1. eBay: This online mega pawn shop is responsible for being privy to $10 billion worth of business every year! That little slice of data is enough for this website to be a priority on your wish list. The most interesting factor to you probably would be that eBay owns Magento. So you can automatically connect your Magento store to eBay and start selling your products and services on eBay. Although you must know that not every extension that Magento offers is a simple-to-install plug-in type thing. Some of the extensions on Magento are so complex that they rake up quite the ungodly developer hours for them to work properly.
  2. Amazon: The revenue for the online juggernaut amounts to over $60 billion dollars a year. Being the largest online retail store in the United States of America makes this the place to be for any business that is ready and willing to cater to a broader and larger audience or customer base. Magento offers various extensions to sell your wares on Amazon also. They are quite compatible together and your business and/or company will only flourish if it has a presence on both Magento and Amazon. Amazon has also branched out into other countries and now has domains that are indigenous to specific countries and facilitates business transactions in those countries.
  3. Mobile: Magento is also available as a mobile app development platform and a mobile app. It lets you develop and setup things quickly. This enables you to get virtually instant results and feedback. You can make informed guesses based on the data collected from trial versions of your web portals built by using the Magento mobile app.
  4. In Store: Magento is blessed because it is supported by a sea of stakeholders and developers who make sure that it functions at optimum efficiency. Shipping is also a part of this efficiency. Various shipping combos and options are available. This enables your customers to buy online and pick up the goods later at your physical shop. Shipper HQ is a SaaS platform built by web shop apps .This app was built to solve complex shipping problems.
  5. Social: Magento is one of the best portals or platforms for integrating different forms of social media into a single stream and letting you be in control of that stream along with most of the data that it generates. If your customers log into your Magento WebPages with their social media accounts, then you can leverage certain social channels for better functionality in terms of business transactions. Making sure that your content as well as your product is share-friendly ensures its visibility on social media platforms.
  6. Search: Magento is highly SEO compatible and will ensure that your sites search engine on the platform functions smoothly. Certain extensions exist to make sure that your site’s search is working with a certain amount of efficiency.

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