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Wolfsburg Tuning

It is an ecommerce store for auto parts distributor specializing in Volkswagen and Audi cars with a wide range of products and product categories to deal with for an ecommerce development company.


The intention of store design is to keep shoppers engaged with pages by removing the main menu like hurdles. Therefore, we have to take side navigation as main navigational scheme and designed online shop with classic features and functions in respect to the product niche and target audience.

Features & Functionality:

We have designed the ecommerce store in Magento leveraging rich features offered by the platform. A Greater degree of customization applied to given feature and function requirements, such as:

  • Remove the burden over the main menu and apply side navigation as main navigation scheme
  • Applied extensive filtering through side navigation and turn it into contextual design by prominent buttons and icons
  • We have designed product pages keeping side navigation features and functions intact
  • Simple and easy to understand product pages designed with minimalistic approaches
  • Shopping cart features and functionality was customized as per needs of clients and prevailing ecommerce standards so you can check shopping cart products in icon present on each page of the site below the header design
  • Shopping cart page provides all essential features and product info along with shipping and tax calculators as well as prominent CTA to push for checkout process