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Repair Zoom

It is a Magento 1x store to provide high-end gadget repairing services for Apple, Samsung, and other products for personal, professional, and educational usages through a US nation-wide chains of repairing labs.


Taken SEO-centric approaches in design and development of online store and integrated with brickā€”and-mortar service labs.

Features & Functionality:

The client has approached us for Magento storefront design, development, and online marketing services. Therefore, we have worked on the site following ways:


  • UI Design & Enhancement
  • Homepage Design to make it SEO-friendly
  • Category Page Design keeping SEO in mind
  • Product Page Design with technical SEO on focus


  • SEO Friendly URL Re-writing and Re-direction

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Targeted Search Engine (USA)

  • On-page & Off-page SEO
  • Keyword research and brainstorming with client team to finalize list of the keywords
  • Analyzed Google analytics data to identify some loop holes in design and visitors navigation pattern and addressed it carefully
  • Have analyzed customer engagement level to identify possible changes in content, design and web structure to increase conversion rate
  • We have reshuffled the content and code to remove all extras and improved overall performance of the site