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Milla Boutique

It is an online storefront for a leading interior and lifestyle shop in Norway. It sells high quality products for interior designing from popular designers, fairs, and vintage stores across the Europe.


Since we have to design modern ecommerce store with classic look-n-feel, we have to take extensive help of designers to create and integrate life size high-resolution photographic images of products and use-case scenery. Despite it, we have offered the latest ecommerce features working in contemporary contexts.

Features & Functionality:

To provide highly personalized brand experiences, our Magento developers have intensively customized the Magento theme and the entire storefront.

  • Our front end design is alluring and relevant to branding experiences required
  • We have adopted minimalistic designing approaches on each page of the store and made it simple yet intuitive
  • We have applied comprehensive site navigation schemes with menus and breadcrumb
  • Despite deeper navigation from categories to subcategories, we have made navigational experiences smoothly flowing and soothing
  • Product pages have attractive image gallery along with in-depth product details with introductions to its designers
  • For awesome ecommerce experiences, we have included table rate shipping functionality, complex calculation, and application conditions
  • Our shipping calculator capable of dealing with intricate shipping calculations including weight vs. location equations with an ease and comfort