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Trinity Arts Ltd

It is an ecommerce website supplying artist materials for artists and run by artists too. It includes a broad range of materials including paints, brushes, canvases, easels, inks, paper, pens, pencils, and a lot more.


Our maintenance & upgrade strategies were consisting of aims to provide the best user experiences and performance to rank high the ecommerce website in the eyes of bots and humans.

Features & Functionality:

We have made possible to run Magento 1 store on PHP 7 by intensive customization process since Magento 1 is incompatible below PHP 5.6x versions. In fact, we have hired for maintenance & upgrade work, so we have managed several other tasks in due courses, such as:

  • We managed Magento security patches
  • Accomplished server optimization
  • We had run the website code audit and done optimization
  • We made UX relevant changes
  • We did ‘Custom Error’ fixing
  • Our Magento developers have developed anti-spam script to avoid unwanted emails and subscriptions
  • We have accomplished extension installation and customization as per the requirement.
  • We have done ERP system integration, blog integration, and eBay integration
  • We have created automate backup script
  • Our Magento experts have fixed SEO URL Issues and Cache issue