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Whether it’s an existing store or lunching a new one, eCommerce consulting can direct you to boost your eCommerce store performance

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eCommerce System Integration

The overall scenario of eCommerce as well as the business applications has finally evolved big time! Vendors offer myriad range of specialty tools, business operations applications and plug-in features to the people involved. And that is not the end; new applications are emerging day after day.

M-Connect Media can extend its experience and a helping hand to help your business wade through the confusing expanse of choices that are available in the market. We can help pick out the right third party tools that will complement your business and integrate the same into your website. The final output is going to be a seamless, engaging eCommerce store that will offer a unified experience to the parties involved.

We have gathered rich experience in vendor integration and hence can stop you from falling prey to the pitfalls. We are confident of assessing the integration project right, in terms of its costs, complexity and scope too and ensure that the entire implementation of the project is a breeze.

There are different types of applications which need to be integrated. Here is just a representation of the applications that are categorized on the basis of the broad business function they perform.

Applications That Reflect On Consumer Experience

These applications contribute towards giving better consumer experience as they bring in additive tools, services and features. Here are just a few examples:

Refined Website Search and Recommendations

Majority of the vendors offer dynamic filters and feature based filters. Auto complete and type-ahead options too are available. Predictive recommendations and product recommendations are a common feature.

Payment Processing

There are numerous payment solutions through which consumers can pay for their eCommerce transactions…PayPal, ATM cards, credit cards, phone cards and more.

3D Visualization

The products can be viewed in different views, animations, 3D rendering views of the products. There are also 360° product views, photo albums and virtual mannequins that will add to the visual appeal of the products for the consumers to see on the eCommerce website.

This way, the kind of customer features that may exist can be endless. Mobile eCommerce, live chat option, blogs and social networking widgets…you name it and they are there to enhance the shopping experience.

Performance Measurement and Analytics Applications

These applications are present right behind the scenes and help in tracking and monitoring the transactions that your customers make and also indicate the performance of your site. Ponder upon these options that you will get

Website Analytics and Business Intelligence

These two aspects are going to help you get an idea as to what your customers engage in when they are on your website. Based on this you can optimize the performance of your website and sales from thereon. Frequency of their visits, time spent during their visits, the number of times he visited before actually buying the product and many more are the details you would get when you use these applications.

POS Solutions

With the help of this application you will be able to track your inventory as well as sales in multiple locations and stores.You can work towards integration of the offline sales with the online sales.

Back Office Applications

These are the main business operations management applications which have to be integrated into your eCommerce store so that the store runs smoothly and does effective business and ensures a smooth supply chain management.

Management of Inventory, Warehouse and Fulfillment

You will have to manage the supply chain effectively.There may be a fulfillment chain that is absolutely complex or an expensive overhead in the warehouse products or calls for some inventory management or delivery systems.This specific transaction on the eCommerce store will set off one highly coordinated string of events which turn out to be extremely crucial for a business. So, we will ensure that the integration of all the online orders happen in a seamless manner.

Supply Chain Management

In case there is a presence of global supply chain that is extremely complex, it is extremely essential that you get an extremely cautious and careful integration of all the components just to ensure that you are having the right details listed in the right quantities. Consumers get irked easily if they come to know that the product is unavailable after placing the order. So, you need to cross check all the listings in the website.

CRM…Customer Relationship Management

Tracking, grouping, targeting and monitoring customers’ relations will help in easy conducting of business on your eCommerce store. Ensure that you give a good customer experience to your users.

Applications for Accounting

For effectiveness in your business operations, all the eCommerce transactions have to operate seamlessly within the website too with the accounting software that you have. If this is not done, you will have to handle two different accounts which is nothing but costly in terms of time spent. At M-Connect Media, we know how to do the best integration of sales with accounting applications.

To state things in a nutshell, system integration is indeed a diverse world that has compelling and powerful third party tools and applications for the vendors. However, it calls for seamless integration of all these aspects into the eCommerce store. With our vast and rich experience in eCommerce store development, we can assure you that the systems integration process at M-Connect Media will be a flawless one and will be able to deliver in all those terms that you have anticipated.