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walmart magento 2 integration

Magento 2 Walmart Integration is a solution that may help your eCommerce business grow. Walmart Magento 2 Integration enables you to sell directly on Walmart from Magento store. The add-on enables the import of products as well as orders.

This connection increases sales by reducing the work and time required to operate the shop. This automatic selling extension allows you to sell effortlessly on Walmart like never before, resulting in business of Magento development.

Walmart Magento 2 Integration Extension is simple to set up and administer, and it comes with round-the-clock expert assistance. The Walmart Marketplace Integration App makes it simple to connect and sell.

Walmart Integration for Magento 2: Is your e-commerce store becoming less visible? Do you need to improve marketing skills? In this Article, Here is Magento 2 Walmart Integration to address all of your queries. It is a solution designed to help store owners sell their items on both Walmart and Magento.

What is Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart is the world’s largest global grocery retailer, with a network of hypermarkets, cheap department shops, and grocery stores. Its physical and online stores are available worldwide and attract more clients daily. This channel provides enormous possibility for online retailers, particularly those who are new to the market. is the second largest online marketplace in the United States, with 80 million unique visits each month, and a beehive of potential for vendors. It is a fantastic revenue stream for online retailers because to its seller-friendly regulations and devoted knowledge base.

Magento Walmart Integration Plugin is a clever solution that assists them in overcoming the obstacles of selling on The benefits of using Walmart include various merchandise available, low prices, and the convenience of shopping online or in-store.  It is a fantastic revenue stream for online retailers because to its seller-friendly regulations and devoted knowledge base.

Walmart Magento 2 Integration

Walmart Magento 2 Integration Plugin is a clever solution that assists in overcoming obstacles of selling on This plugin saves merchants’ time while reducing manual processes necessary. This API Integration aids in management of Magento store’s product catalogue on

This module seeks to keep clients coming back to the store. The integration can aid in the establishment of a link between Magento store and Walmart store. The integration may be made much more efficient by using many Walmart accounts.

Using this interface, the seller may transfer items, inventory, and product descriptions from his Magento store while selling things on Walmart. This user-friendly interface allows for simple sync of products, associated data, orders, and shipping overrides between two sites.

However, it lets the product to be exported from Magento and utilized as Item Feeds in Walmart. As a result, the store owner may enjoy the Walmart store’s indirect royalty on their Magento store as well.

The Magento 2 Walmart sync extension has cron settings that make it easy to maintain the two stores in sync with one another. However, in order to list the items on Walmart, the admin must first create an account with the marketplace.

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Key Features of Magento 2 Walmart Integration

This plugin contains the most recent and creative features for selling on Walmart. The following are some of the important features of the Walmart Magento 2 Integration:

  • Bidirectional Real Time Synchronization

Magento 2 Walmart extension has an auto-synchronization function that maintains real-time data, pricing, and order synchronization between the sellers’ Magento and Walmart stores. This plugin connects the two stores and maintains them in sync with one another.

  • Upload Bulk Products

Using the Walmart Magento 2 extension, you can easily export items from your Magento store to the Walmart marketplace in a single click. You can upload an unlimited number of products at once using the bulk item upload tool.

  • Automation of Orders

Discover the most revolutionary and easiest eCommerce order automation functionality, which enables automatic order imports and simple order management. New Walmart orders are instantly acknowledged and loaded into vendors’ Magento 2 interface for convenient order management.

  • Inventory Synchronization

Walmart Magento 2 integration automatically synchronizes product inventory, metadata, and other details between Magento 2 and Walmart in real-time. Whether the transaction is made in shop or at Walmart, the product inventory represents the recent total stock available.

  • Shipping Management

Magento 2 Walmart integration allows the site owner to change the shipment lag time of items featured on the marketplace. The lag time is the time it takes to initiate the shipping after the order is placed. Store owners may even map their store’s shipment carriers to those of the marketplace.

  • Order Management

The shop admin may sync the order status with the marketplace using the cron settings provided by the Walmart Magento connection plugin. Orders may be processed in the same way as other orders in the eCommerce business.

  • Price Based Configuration

The pricing of the items changes depending on the configuration parameters. Sellers may quickly increase or reduce the price of items with this Magento 2 Integration extension based on the setup parameters.

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Additional Features:

  • The admin can configure the default language for Walmart shop.
  • A shop admin may generate special discounts for Walmart consumers.
  • Admin can export all of the feeds to the Walmart shop at once.
  • Walmart Magento 2 Integration Module comes with three months of free support.
  • The user interface of Walmart Magento 2 connection is simple to use and understand.
  • The plugin enables simple category mapping between Magento and Walmart Store.
  • Admin can associate several Walmart Accounts on the Magento store.
  • This Integration allows admin to list items at configurable pricing.

Benefits of Magento 2 Walmart Integration for Sellers

  • Sellers may now easily post their products on the popular marketplace.
  • This is one of the simplest methods for increasing the visibility of your products.
  • Conversions are more likely with more exposure and reach.
  • Magento Walmart Integration extension makes it simple to begin selling on Walmart.
  • Walmart Magento Integration’s user interface is simple to easy-to-know and utilize.
  • Magento Walmart Integrator’s profile-based listing enables merchants to add items in bulk.
  • Integration plugin’s admin page allows for simple updates to product data and inventories, reducing the amount of manual effort required.
  • Easy product and inventory management facilitates online trade.
  • Merchants may manage shipping for Walmart store orders using this connector’s admin interface.
  • Orders from the marketplace may synchronized with Magento shop by running cron in the Magento Walmart Integration module’s backend.
  • Merchants may process orders from both sites from a single interface and update the order status at by running cron in this module.

Why should you Integrate Magento 2 online store with Walmart?

This extension allows the business owner to sell their product on both Walmart and Magento. It provides the firm with more clients by using the Walmart brand. This bidirectional interface delivers Feeds to Walmart while also bringing Products and orders to the Magneto shop.

This module saves the shop time and energy by listing the goods on both ends. On the other hand, Customers are encouraged to buy the admin product in two ways through the Magento 2 website and through Walmart.

What makes Walmart a Great Marketplace to Sell?

The nicest part of selling on the Walmart marketplace is that there are no monthly fees to pay; instead, just referral fees must be paid.

Offers its Walmart fulfilment services for speedier item delivery to consumers. Walmart simplifies the checkout procedure, making it easier for your consumers to buy things.

Walmart provides numerous analytics tools to sellers in order to track the success of their items. When compared to other markets, there is less competition from other merchants.

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How can I become a Vendor on Walmart Marketplace?

To register with Walmart, complete the procedures outlined below:

  1. Go to ( and select the “Apply Now” option.
  2. To finish registration procedure, you must fill up “Primary Contact Details”, “Business Information”, “Product Assortment”, “eCommerce & Marketplace Experience”, and “Operations” data, which Walmart has previously specified.
  3. You may complete your registration fast if you follow the methods indicated above.
  • Sign up for the Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement once you’ve been accepted as a Seller. You will get a “Invitation to Sign Up” email with next instructions and a time frame for signing up.
  • Sign up for Seller Centre and connect your merchandise and fulfilment system to Walmart.
  • Your items will be available for purchase as soon as you finish testing and are ready to go live.

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