Useful Magento QuickBooks Integration Extensions and Connectors

July 17, 2013 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software tool from Intuit Inc that is designed to handle inventory, revenues, sales, payroll, shipping, and other important aspects of running a small business. This accounting software includes merchant services, solutions for products and suppliers, shipping solutions, marketing tools, and other training options. QuickBooks is commonly used in conjunction with an eCommerce website to manage accounting-related tasks using a single piece of software.

Here with this post I’ve mentioned that how you can integrate your Magento Store with the available Magento extensions in form of QuickBooks and Magento.

QuickBooks Accounting Application come in with four different versions:

  1. Online
  2. Pro
  3. Premier
  4. QuickBooks Enterprise

Only number one is for online web-based accounting solutions, while the others (numbers #2, #3, and #4) are for standalone systems.

QuickBooks is the industry leader in accounting software for all types of businesses, and it is commonly used for any eCommerce web business to keep track of inventory and shipping automation. The most valuable feature of QuickBooks is the ability to connect and integrate it with your eCommerce websites in order to capture, modify, and sync live databases. If you want to have QuickBooks connected with your Magento eCommerce Store, let’s talk about it.

Here are few Magento QuickBooks Extensions which we can utilize as an integration method:


    Intuit’s Gold Certification, The Webgility eCC is meant to reduce manual back office tasks such as manual data input. It is intended to process orders quickly and in an error-free environment. eCC have ability to connect with different eCommerce platform and Magento is one of them the Powerful eCommerce Website Development application. This eCC connector will help you to sync inventory and shipping processors to automate your web business…Read more


    T-HUB, an Atandra product, is a multi-channel order management system designed to link your online ecommerce web sites with QuickBooks and shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. T-HUB is compatible with nearly all well-known eCommerce systems, including Magento, GoDaddy, X-Cart, BigCommerce, AspDotNetStoreFront, Yahoo shops, and others. Learn more


    MAGENTO DATALINKSDataLink offers flashy solutions for linking Magento eCommerce with QuickBooks Accounting System, allowing full digital automation with synchronisation between Magento Commerce and QuickBooks Accounting Software versions. It will sync with Customer Accounts, Orders, Inventory, Product Information, Various Stocks, and Prices; it is truly a real-time solution….Read more

This open source gives flexibility to the users to modify the existing features or add the new ones. If you want to integrate QuickBooks extension with your current web systems then hire Magento integration consultant, having new development idea or anything related to innovation then please drop an email to discuss with our eCommerce experts.

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  1. I think author of this post did good research with the QuickBooks variants and Magento methodology, QuickBooks is widely used enterprise accounting software and lots of eCommerce vendors are using it to sync real time shipping automation, customers attributes and products inventory syncing. QuickBooks comes in 4 variants and only one have capabilities to deal online others version are standalone and required to have third party application to deal with SDK and transform data online via 3rd party apps.

    Really great post and helpful who are looking to integrate their online eCommerce businesses with Enterprise QuickBooks accounting software.

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