Magento 2 Google Shopping Actions Integration: Features and How To Integrate

April 24, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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magento 2 google shopping actions integration

Magento 2 Google Shopping Actions Integration offers a full Integration solution that allows you to quickly list your Magento 2 shop items on the Google Shopping Actions Web site to sell the products and enhance product sales.

Google Shopping Actions Integration for Magento 2 is a useful solution that assists Magento 2 shop owners in growing their business and generate money by interacting with Google Shopping Actions APIs to link the Magento 2 store.

By Integrating Google Shopping Actions APIs and Magento 2 stores, orders, items, prices, and inventory may be synced. It also enables merchants to manage Google Shopping Actions orders on Magento 2 stores. It allows you to serve a diverse set of clients.

Using Google Shopping Feed integration for Magento 2 has become useful for showcasing your products and reaching potential customers. You can refer to the key features and benefits of this module here.

Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration

Google is a well-known search engine that has already built a name for itself in online commerce. The program has a particularly large impact on the expansion prospects of eCommerce retailers.

First and foremost, This integration optimizes the performance of your eCommerce website by supplying high-quality product feed to target the right people with relevant product adverts. When using Google search, online shopping sites will display product images and prices in the upper right corner of the search results.

Google Search is primarily supported by two platforms AdWords and Google Merchant Centre. The Google Merchandiser Centre is where you will develop your product feed. Moreover, Your real testing campaigns are designed in AdWords.

The Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration extension enables Magento 2 based eCommerce business owners to produce these Google Shopping advertising easily. Magento 2 Google Shopping API also links your online shop with Google Merchant Centre.

Google Shopping with Magento 2 real-time sync configuration also makes it simple to sell items on Google, map shop categories with Google categories, map product characteristics with Google attributes, and easily sync products on Google.

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Key Features of Magento 2 Google Shopping Actions

Google Shopping Actions Magento 2 Integration extension will help your business and enhance sales by interacting with the Google Shopping Actions APIs to link Magento 2 store to the Google Shopping marketplace, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Moreover, Consider the following crucial features:

Profile-Based Product Upload: This allows the seller to construct a profile based on a particular category and then assign items to the profile to automate product submission.

Order creation in Magento: The freshly placed orders on Google Shopping Actions are instantly established in the Magento 2 stores with all the needed data.

Product categories: The idea of category mapping is followed. Sellers may tie any Magento 2 shop category to a single Google Shopping Actions category.

Validation of Product Information: The plugin validates product information against Google Shopping Actions standards and values.

Methodology for bulk uploads: Seller gains the ability to publish bulk items to Google Shopping Actions by simply picking the products and uploading them all at once.

Auto-shipping procedure: Allows merchants to automate the shipment process with Shipstation, Shipwork,, Linnworks, Xtento, and ShipRush.

Auto synchronisation: Magento 2 Store and Google Shopping Actions have agreed to synchronise the product listing, order, inventory, and pricing at regular intervals.

Email Notification: Sellers are notified when a new order is created, when supply is low or when Google Shopping Actions rejects a product.

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Google Shopping Actions Magento 2 Integration

Google Shopping Actions is a platform that enables businesses to list and sell products on Google directly. Magento 2 is a well-known e-commerce platform that allows companies to construct and manage online storefronts. You may also use the official Google Shopping Actions Magento 2 plugin to connect Google Shopping Actions.

To begin the Magento 2 Google Shopping feed integration, browse to the Catalogue → ‘Feeds’ section → Profiles → click the Setup Google Feed button and also follow these steps to integrate:

  • Set up a Google Merchant Centre and Google Shopping Actions account.
  • Install the Google Shopping Actions Magento 2 plugin.
  • Connect Magento 2 store to the Google Merchant Centre account using the plugin.
  • Configure the Google Merchant Centre account’s product feed settings.
  • Upload your Google Merchant Centre account to your product feed.
  • If required, review and rectify any issues with your product feed.
  • Make your product feed available on Google Shopping Actions.

Customers may also explore and purchase your products directly on Google after they featured on Google Shopping Actions. Thanks to the connection, you can also manage orders and inventory straight from Magento 2 store thanks to the connection.

Furthermore, It is strongly advised that you properly test integration and confirm that all product information, price, and shipping information is correct and up to current.

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Benefits of Google Shopping Actions Magento 2 Integration

The following are the primary Benefits of the Google Shopping Magento 2 Integration Module:

  • A new revenue stream, many retailers are now using Google Shopping as their primary source of URL revenue.
  • Help you outperform the competition by changing your titles and descriptions and developing new original content for SEO benefits.
  • The integration boasts progressed highlights, including live information, and ensures that it is continually updated.
  • Allows the client immediate access to the item, eliminating the need to navigate another site.
  • Sends a well-organized XML Feed of your whole list from your Magento venue to your Google Merchant Account.
  • Map the Magento 2 category to Google Shopping Feed
  • Easily adaptable to a multi-shop environment
  • Admin may remove products based on various criteria, such as those priced below a certain price or without unique identifiers.
  • It allows you to save a significant amount of time and work when manually feeding products.

Who Gets the Most Benefit from Google Shopping Integration?

  • Retailers in competitive niches with high cost per click. The client immediately notices the goods’ pricing and will not click on the ad if it does not fit them.
  • Shops that sell a broad variety of goods. Google Shopping assists in graphically presenting the product range and demonstrating the breadth of options.
  • Two or three of your adverts may also appear in the search results simultaneously. It enhances the buyer’s probability of purchasing the goods from you.
  • Companies that provide things for which clients value low pricing first and foremost. For example, specific model TVs, phones, and popular brand products.

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Final Words

Google Shopping is a service that assists merchants in reaching out to more people. A potential buyer is quickly presented with various offerings from several retailers. This also makes selecting easier and provides a visual depiction of the products. This Magento extensions will help you work faster and improve your Magento website’s back-end efficiency.

Magento Google Shopping Actions extensions are available to assist you in increasing the operation of your Magento store. Moreover, Magento 2.0 gives process transparency and heightened product exposure through real-time scalability and the positioning of brands and products on Google, the world’s biggest and most prominent search engine.

If you have problems when installing Magento extensions on store, please contact our Magento support services to resolve issue quickly. We have a team of Certified and Dedicated Magento 2 developers who can assist in online shop that meets business objectives. Never hesitate to contact us for  Magento Extension Development business!


1. How to get customer order details in Magento 2?

In Magento 2, the customer id is required to get the customer placed Order collection. To obtain the Customer Order collection, we must first construct a factory object of the Magento\Sales\Model\ResourceModel\Order\Collection class. In the __construct() function, instantiate the Factory object and apply the condition using the customer id.

2. How to restrict your customer from adding the product to cart in Magento 2?

<type name=”Magento\Checkout\Model\Cart”>
<plugin name=”lock_customer_cart” type=”Vendor\Module\Plugin\Lockcart”/>

3. How to setup Google Shopping feed for Magento?

  • Create a product feed
  • Insert full data needed in General information
  • Choose Google shopping template: XML
  • Insert information in Google Analytic field
  • Select the conditions to export files
  • Delivery configuration
  • Generate to export and upload files

4. What is the maximum number of products in Magento 2?

Magento 2 can easily handle more than 1 million products.

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