Ecommerce Website Success Checklist for USA Entrepreneurs

June 3, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Starting a new eCommerce business takes a lot of gut and also investing. The new entrepreneurs have to consider a lot of things and may frustrate them to move pieces along. Therefore, you want to do anything & everything that makes sure your eCommerce business runs as smoothly as possible.

A successful eCommerce business depends upon how invested you are in your business. Building a brand from scratch & make it a household name requires willpower, consistent efforts, & focus towards the goal. If you have all these things, starting an eCommerce business isn’t that difficult. And to make this task further easy for you, we have come up with this eCommerce website success checklist for USA entrepreneurs.

Ecommerce Website Success Checklist for the USA

The following steps are proven sequences that guarantee success if followed in order while you start your eCommerce business. Thousands of entrepreneurs whether newbies or seasoned ones have benefited by following the below-listed practices. So, without further ado, let’s start.

1. Think Ideas That Solve a Problem in the market

To have a strong backbone for your business, look for the market first. What problem they have with existing models or products they use at mass. What many people do is they look for a product first & the market second. But instead, what you should focus on is the market and what problem does it have.

Another benefit of starting with market research is the significant increase in the chances of success. Be creative while coming up with ideas to solve a problem that exists in the market. The trick here is to find a group of people who have been in search of a solution for the problem they face. And the Internet can aid your elaborated market research. Here’s what can make it easy:

  • Find online forums and search for the common questions people ask or are finding solutions for.
  • Spend a bit of time in keyword research that a lot of people are using to find a solution for a problem. The keywords you chose must have low competition with others otherwise you should know how to get ahead in the highly competitive market.
  • Find out if there are any competitors to what you intend to sell. Do a bit of research about your competitors to find what they are good at and what their drawbacks are. Use what you learn from competitor analysis to your benefit & come up with a product or range of products that solve the problem for the potential market.

The best thing would be to do it better than what your competitors have done.

2. Write Product Copies to Bring Conversions

From the moment visitors arrive on your eCommerce website to the moment they are converted, your product copies play a vital role. To get it right, there’s a proven sales copy formula that helps convert visitors into customers. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Start with a compelling headline that arouses interest in your products.
  • Describe in short how your products solve problems visitors are facing.
  • Establish your brand as a credible solver for the problems.
  • Add testimonial/video feedbacks from people who have used your products.
  • Talk a bit about how your product may benefit the visitors if they start to use it.
  • Try to create urgency by showing how many products are left.
  • Build credibility by showing how many people have ordered it.
  • Give a strong guarantee.

Your product copy must help your product/service to come out as unique that solves the problems people face, & in the process, make their lives better. The best approach is to think like a customer & get answer for what’s in it for me?

3. Website Designing & Development

Since you have researched the market, came up with your offerings, & sales copy, it’s time to focus on website designing & development that nails your selling process. Keep it simple, minimalistic yet effective too. As we are progressing ahead in time, the attention span of people is lowering with it. So, you have less than 5 to 8 sec. to grab the attention of visitors.

Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep the choices of fonts at max 2 that are suitable for white background.
  • Keep navigation simple. Anything on the website must be two to three clicks away.
  • Use graphics, video, or audio only when they enhance the message you want to convey to your visitors.
  • Include means to collect emails of your visitors, for instance, newsletter opt-ins.
  • Keep the buying process easy with not more than 2 to 3 steps to checkout.
  • Your eCommerce website essentially represents your brand, so keep it user-friendly and customer-centric.

4. Leverage Search Engines to Your Advantage

Through search engines, you can bring targeted customers to your website. And to do that, you can utilize a pay-per-click model of advertising. ‘Tis the easiest and most effective way to bring customers to your brand new eCommerce store.

There are two significant benefits of utilizing the PPC ads over optimizing the website for organic traffic. First, your website will show immediately on search pages, and second, you can A/B test your landing page’s headlines, prices, and keywords for which it shows up. This will also help you to identify which keywords are the best traffic generators and bring more conversions. Later you can utilize those high-converting keywords on your sales copies & rank higher organically.

5. Establish a Reputation of an Expert for Yourself

To do that, what you can do is provide valuable information to people on other reputable websites for free. This will help customers to find the information they need as well as increase traffic on your website. But to have an increased number of traffic & conversions from those sites, you must include a linkback to your website.

The free information you’ll provide on other websites can help make you an expert. Publish such content in the form of articles, videos, etc. & distribute it on online platforms. You can also include social media, send to a friend, & other sharing options as well. Doing so will not only bring new customers but also build authority for search engines. Linkbacks are considered a ranking factor & having as many quality linkbacks would increase your chances to rank better.

6. Turn Your Visitors into Buyers with the Power of Emails

When you are capturing the emails of your visitors, you are creating a valuable asset for your business. Email marketing is a way to reach out to your potential prospect as well as your existing customers and that too with their permission.

With email marketing, you can do many things to convert customers as well as make them return to buy more stuff. You can offer your customers something they want & have asked for. Develop & nurture relationships with them for a lifetime, measure their participation & response, and a lot more other things. Moreover, email marketing is cheap & effective than other ways of marketing.

7. Boost Revenue with Back-end Sales & Upselling

One statistic says that upselling can increase revenue up by 10-30% & is 68% cheaper than acquiring new customers. Also, 36% of people return to buy items if they have purchased once from you. So, it becomes important for you to nurture a relationship with customers & build lifetime value.

What you can do with back-end & upselling is offer products that complement the original purchase. Send electronic coupons customers can redeem on their next purchase from you. Also, upsell products on the thank you page once customers complete their purchase.

Final Thought

The internet is a fast-paced world. The one year on the internet may seem five years in the real world. However, starting up a successful eCommerce business on the internet hasn’t changed much. So, if you are seeking a guide to start & grow your eCommerce website, this checklist is just the answer to all. Newbies should stick to it while seasoned entrepreneurs should do a quick review and check if they have neglected any of the steps mentioned here. With this, we want to conclude our eCommerce website success checklist for USA.

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