What Features You Should Include in Your Shopping Cart Pages?

June 1, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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For any business, a shopping cart page is a key step in the customer journey online. Well, you could consider the bridge between the product detail page and the checkout. The reason why shoppers have reached this page is that they might add items to their carts, and have hence indicated an intent to buy.

The shopping cart needs to allow customers to check key details and help them in checkout without any tension. In this article, we’ll look at some of the key features and information customers need to be seen at this stage.

You could reduce the abandoned cart rate and enhance sales by keeping these points in mind while you need to show them on the shopping cart page of your online store. These features are practical and proven on successful eCommerce websites in the world.

Ultimately, your shopping cart page is the final choice before a customer heads to the checkout page, and adding these features to the cart page will influence customer purchase choice in a good way.

What Features to be Add on Shopping Cart Page?

When it comes to the shopping cart, you need to make sure that customers are likely to make a purchase rather than leave the page and move to another. You might have good features on your existing website but you need to change according to the new customer mindset and likeliness. Let’s dig into some great features that your customers want on your site to make a purchase.

  • Title of the Product

The first and foremost feature that your website should have is the title of the product page. Yes, the title should be clearly visible to customers to see what the product is all about. Shoppers need a reminder of the product added to the cart so they can quickly check that the contents are right.

  • Price of the Product

This should be the key while making a shopping cart page because of how customers will decide on making a purchase. well, price is the factor in the customer buying journey because as it makes the customer think about deciding the purchase. all you need to make sure that it is clearly visible as the title to attract customers.

  • Display High-Quality Image

This allows customers to quickly check that they’ve added the right products to their basket. Visual reminders can often be more effective than text. Showing images can help customers to see a product that they have purchased and added to the cart.

  • Give size and quantity options

This means customers have selected the right products and sizes and it works more than a reminder for them. What you can do is give them easily selected size and quantity to make more than one purchase at the time.

  • Add or remove options

Those who have added more than one items don’t have to surely make a purchase as chances are high, they might be reducing or adding products added from the basket.

  • CTA

There’s nothing like that customers will spend much of their time seeing every product and wasting on the product they didn’t like. This means every customer will linger on the shopping basket page, some will just want to head straight to checkout to buy as soon as possible.  What you can do is keep CTA clear, standout, and straight to allow shoppers to see the next step to take. Having easy to read a text and contrasting shades help them to stand out.

  • Delivery and returns information

These are the best part of any shipping cart process as delivery charges and timings are a key part of the customer’s purchase decisions, so it is important to highlight these choices or provide a clear link to this information.

  • Contact and help options

Displaying clear contact details such as a phone number or email address allows customers to access help if required, and can also act as a reassurance. This is a stage where customers can abandon purchases. Perhaps they’re unsure about some aspects of the product or delivery, and a title help from customer service can persuade them to continue with the purchase. Live chat is also the option here, as it can offer a fast response to any questions.

  • Payment methods

Having easy to do payment method is key in making customers purchase. Highlighted accepted payment options, often using icons to show the different cards and alternative payment methods.

  • Link to continue shopping & Promo Code

Some shoppers head to the basket page to check total details like delivery options, or perhaps because the site led them to this page after they added items to their baskets. A link to go back to the site is key to continue shopping helps here.

Promo code can be a helpful choice to a double-edged sword for online retailers. They’re useful promotion tool which attracts shoppers to their site but they can be problematic on the basket page. Customers with a promo code can see where to enter it, and the basket page is the best place, as it allows them to go into checkout knowing their discount has been applied properly.

However, for shoppers without a promotion to use, the box to add a code tells them they may be missing out on a better deal. It could prompt them to leave checkout to search for codes. For this reason, it can be a good idea to make the code box less oblivious so that people who are looking for it and what they want, while other shoppers may not notice.

  • Stock Availability

This feature is helpful for shoppers who save items in the cart and return them later for purchase. If the customers find that the item is available in large stock, they are assured they can come later to complete the purchase.  If the stock is limited or it is the last piece this might motivate the customer to complete the purchase now. It is a win-win situation.

  • Return Policy

This is the best feature you could consider as a flexible and clear return policy can help your customers to be shown on the shopping page because it influences the customer’s purchase decision. According to the nature of the product or service, you’re offering on your online store, and the customer’s rights in your country put the suitable return policy and adhere to it no matter what.

  • Security Logos and Highlight offers

This adds an extra layer of assurance for any customers who may have concerns about the security of their payments. If there’s a special offer related to the products shoppers have selected, or they need to spend a little more to qualify for free delivery, then it pays to highlight this on the cart page. At this stage, it can motivate the shopper to add more items to their basket and enhance order value.

Ending Up

All in all, there are many shopping carts and even more shopping cart features to consider, but the top is listed above. Hence, you could consider these features for your online store to grow your customer base and enhance sales. We hope you find it insightful and helpful for your store.

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