How to Turn Your Customers into Your Marketers

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Once you have settled up your startup or business, the next and most important thing that you have to pay attention to is marketing your products or services. Marketing your brand is a vital organ for your business to boost sales results and bolster growth.

You don’t necessarily have to pay for marketing your products. You can grow your brand steadily by reaching potential customers organically. However, at some point, you may have to get the help of paid promotions to increase your reach & gain new customers.

Marketing is a broad term and getting customers to click the BUY NOW or any other CTA (Call-To-Action) involves creating customer-centric strategies. And word-of-mouth has become an increasingly popular way of advertising. Have you ever asked for a recommendation from your friends or family? That’s word-of-mouth without any incentive for the receiver or giver.

Incorporating this technique in your marketing model can work wonders for you. What you must do is turn your customers into the marketers for your brand. They can prove to be the most loyal asset and effective brand ambassadors for you. But the question is how to turn your customers into your marketers.

How You Can Turn Your Customers into Marketers

First, you need to understand what word-of-mouth technique is and then leverage it to reap benefits. Word-of-mouth means when your customers boast to others the value a business provides to them. It acts as a social proof, which customers can communicate via any channel and any form.

For word-of-mouth to happen, your consumers need to take some action and that simply isn’t going to happen only if your customers’ experience is out of the world. Even then, they won’t be overjoyed to tell their friends and family instantly about the great experience they had and even if they do, their friends won’t be so compelled to check your brand out.

So, what you can do is ensure that you not only elevate & fulfill your audience’s expectations but also exceed them completely by providing them an immersive user-experience. Still, it’s no guarantee that you’ll get positive word-of-mouth from your customers. It depends on how your customers talk about your brand and the experience they had.

With all that in mind, here’re few effective methods to implement word-of-mouth technique to turn your customers into marketers.

1. Entice Customer to Post Feedback:

Asking your customers to post what they feel about your brand and the experience they had with you is in many ways helpful for your brand. What’s more, 95% of the users read reviews & feedback before buying according to G2. And 68% of customers may leave feedback if they have been asked or enticed to do so.

Generally, most of your customers are not ready to leave a review unless they are really frustrated with you, they had a delightful experience, want to help others, or are rewarded for it. If possible, offer your customers a discount on their next purchase can be an effective method to entice them to leave feedback and for you to get tons of reviews.

2. Elite Users by Posting their Content:

Giving exposure to your customers by posting or reposting their content is another great way to make them your brand’s advocate. Your customers will feel elated when they see you admire their content & give them a shoutout as well.

The user-generated content acts as positive word-of-mouth for brands and could prove to be so much effective. And it has high chances of spreading like a wildfire if proper hashtags are utilized while posting on various social media platforms. Hashtags are not only to boost your reach but to categorize the content that enables you to give your user-generated content more limelight.

3. Start a Referral Program:

Referral programs aim to incentivize the referrer for bringing in new customers. Referral programs are the way forward to turn your customers that can help bring in new customers as much as possible for a great reward they’ll earn. Most of the users have faith and trust their friends than brands and brands can benefit from this trust-filled relationship by making them do some hard work for you.

The benefits of doing so are immense. Also, customers acquired through referrals offer great value to your business than those acquired through other means. They have high customer lifetime value, have higher profit margins, and stay loyal to your brand longer than others.

4. Host Promotional Events Featuring Your customers:

Another way to create a buzz about your brand along with making customers feel valued is to host promotional events featuring your customers. Develop a fun and engaging event that helps you to appreciate the most loyal customers of yours.

Including your customers in your promotional events will be the most unexpected thing for them and will make them talk great things about your brand. And their friends, colleagues, and family who trust them, will also want to try your products boosting your sales and customer acquisition rate.

5. Offer Great Rewards to Your Most Loyal Customers:

Your loyal customers are the most valuable assets for your business. And rewarding them is another great way to make them feel valued and appreciated. Who doesn’t like the gift? All of us want gifts, right? And so do your customers. This step involves gifting and rewarding your customers. Moreover, the cherry on top will be surprising your customers with a gift. Magento store owners can use Magento 2 gift card extension to gift their customers.

Doing so will help increase the user experience of your customers and create a better image of your brand. The next thing they want to do is tell all of that to all their friends and loved ones. And this will result in more new customers for your brand referred by your existing customers.


All in all, these were few helpful ways how you can turn your customers into your marketers. Marketing your products on the internet is a more conventional way but making your customers your brand advocates is something not every other business owner tries. So, you must adopt such marketing practices for the promotion of your brand.

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