How to Sell Indian Products Internationally Through an eCommerce Website?

May 19, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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In today’s growing and digital era, it is obvious that any business can extend its reach especially eCommerce. Well, some merchants think that there’s no need to go global as it is costly and almost impossible. If you are also thinking the same, then wake up, and water your face because it will be much easier to expand your business to an international audience.

C’mon think more, and grab the chance to grow your businesses like never before by going international. What you can do is tap the international market as it will not only give a boost to your business revenue but will also help you stand out from your competitors.

The best part in today’s time is that potential customers are waiting for you out there, just to purchase what you’re selling. It is easy for customers to reach you especially when they have better access to businesses that sell products online over all the globe. And, if your product catches the eye of the target market and is unique, buyers will never refrain from purchasing it.

In this blog post, we will dive deeper into how to sell products internationally through an eCommerce website. First and foremost, put a plan in place before you explore the international market, have a strategy framed so that you can be well-prepared to bring your customers an excellent shopping experience.

How you can reach the international market?

Now we know that how it is possible to the international market in today’s digitized and online market. We have all the tools and tactics to reach the international market and make more sales than we used to and that’s the reason you should look at it. Let’s explore some ways to reach a global market and build revenue.

  • Explore your Target Audience:

Indeed! Nothing is possible with customers when it comes to business. Well, the first step in reaching the global market is planning your international expansion is researching your potential customers. Means what they like to buy, and their buyer persona and that’s why do your market research thoroughly.

Research means the product and local buying trends of a country you wish to target. Eye on the top countries that have a strong demand for your products. We know that as a pandemic is there, people are ordering food as they cannot go outside and eat. Likewise, you can choose a country, and choose people’s interests means what they are likely to buy from an online store.

You can also take the benefit of holiday to make more sales because most of the people attack online stores on holidays to purchase products. It is the best strategy to enhance revenue and sell more products with profit.

Hence, make sure you choose your target audience before going internationally as that’s how you don’t have to fear loss and failure.

  • Know Buyer’s Persona:

The second and most important thing before going globally is knowing what your customers want. You cannot step into the international market without knowing what customers are likely to buy and that’s why make sure you know the buyer’s persona.

This means, start researching how your international customers want to pay for their purchases. Your buyer’s payment preference might vary from country to country. Most people would like to pay in their local currency and that’s why in this case, do provide your customers with a currency converter so that they can at least see what they are paying. Also, make sure you choose a renowned and safe payment gateway such as PayPal.

  • Prepare Shipping and Return Process:

The next and most important step is to think about the shipping and returns plan. What you can do is set clear delivery expectations with your customers as international shipping takes longer than domestic shipping. Costs are another aspect as customers are more likely to see product price and cost of shipping and that’s why it is crucial to keep them in the loop.

Customers will never likely make a purchase without getting accurate information and shipping costs and that’s why you need to place it on your eCommerce website. Here is the list of considerations you need to eye on while establishing a return policy, and when mentioning your policy.

Any requirements as detailed by local consumer laws.

  1. Refund stipulations, like when you’ll issue them and whether you’ll give store credit or a cash refund.
  2. The time limit for returns.
  3. Restocking, return delivery, or other fees.
  • Know Country Rules & Regulation:

The next step is should be knowing country rules and regulations and once you’ve decided where you’ll sell your products, take the time to eye on into specific rules and regulations for that country.

Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to approving other country businesses whether it’s duties and taxes, customs, or free-trade agreements.

Duties and Taxes – The first factor is to find out if duties and taxes will affect the prices of items you want to sell in target markets. And that’s why ensure that you understand the rules that apply to your products so you can let your customers know about any expenses they’re expected to pay from the outset.

Customs – The second factor is custom as all international shipments will have to make their way through customs. You also need to check the agency that regulates shipment entering a country or region. Each package will need a customs form on the outside; some shipping services even help take care of this – do some checking to see if yours does.

Free-trade agreement – This is the third and most important factor to do business in the international market as sellers can reduce tariffs for some products.

  • Website for an E-Commerce business to sell internationally:

At last, you need to build a website that visible to everyone no matter how far your customer is because that’s how you connect with your international potential customers. Online visibility is much important for any business and one of the money-savvy ways to sell across global is to use your website.

If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are presumably losing many great opportunities for your business as a website considered the foundation of your business. You know that customer prefers to research product info before they make a purchase online.

Final Words:

Are you ready to sell products internationally? With these tips, you can easily step into the international market and achieve success. We have created expert practiced tips to help you expand your business across the world. We hope you understand how to jump to an international market with these tips and best strategies.

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