Secret Functions of Magento Theme to Manage Multiple Designs of Your Website

May 5, 2017 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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The fact that you are using Magento for your eCommerce store is a welcome sign, and it surely opens up new avenues for you to explore and take advantage of it. Magento’s greatest strength is its flexibility and workability. With that, no expense was spared to create a strong, robust theming system that merchants and developers can simply command.

Magento Theme Customization service is a merger of mini-processes, all building to an imposing, relevant conclusion. What you get at the end of the day is a Magento theme that contains not a shred of redundancy. Here are few Magento theme capabilities you can leverage.

3 Ways to Leverage Magento Theme/Template Capabilities:

  1. Schedule your website theme based on occasion
  2. Theme fallback
  3. Catalog-based design changes

Schedule your Website Theme based on Occasion:

One of the best theming features in Magento is that it has the ability to swap a theme over a brief period of time.

There’s a real time example which can explain the advantages here. If your online store provides all the kind of clothes,time-based design ability will let you customize the themes according to the season. If it’s summer then you can make changes according to it. If it’s winter then you can make changes according to it. You would make these changes to your style as a part of a brand new theme. Then in Magento, you can enable this theme for a collection amount of your time.

The great factor concerning this feature is that you just can “set it and then forget about it,” as it gives you ample time to arrange your theme and there will be no trouble of remembering to get rid of it later. Plus, you can use it one more time in next year.

Custom Theme Design

You will be able to make changes from ‘general settings’. You can set particular estimated date from when you want to a theme to take-over until a stipulated time of period. It will also switch to another theme from time to time. It will save you the trouble of changing the theme every time.

Theme Fallback:

One of the most important aspects of Magento theme is that you can change what is already done. Magento allows unparalleled theme flexibility that allows custom branding while still retaining development efficiency and upgrade compatibility.

Theme fallback gives Magento Web Developers ability to modify the parts of the theme which actually needs to be customized. They don’t have to rebuild from scratch every time you want to make or use a new theme. This feature will allow merchants to quickly deploy stylized stores while still retaining features developed for the overall brand.

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Recent fallback structure: Magento enterprise 1.14 & community 1.9 introduced a new, more flexible theme fallback mechanism. This theoretically allows infinite fallback levels instead of fixed number of fallback ‘slots’ in older versions.

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Instead, a custom theme may extend or inherit from another time. The impact is often a drastically reduced development time. Moreover, it produces a consistent experience across the platform, even future design iterations and in a way that is likely upgrade-safe.

Catalog-based Design Changes:

Magento offers the same flexibility as shown above when managing categories and products in your catalog. Let’s say you are an electronic item retailer. As you may have several brands of a laptop computer or other products. Or maybe it’s all part of a paid incentive from the manufacturer. It solves the problem by placing all the products of this brand into a category.

Catalog-based Design Changes:

Here’s the example that theme has been applied for only a month. Thereafter, it will fall back again to the configured default for the store. You can also edit page layouts and customize the layout updates. There is an option where you can apply conditions to the different product.

One of the great thing about Magento eCommerce platform is that it allows complex problems to be solved more easily. Its theme capabilities will benefit the whole structure of your eCommerce store.

If you know how to leverage Magento’s theme capabilities, you will be able to yield better results for your eCommerce website. You can contact us for any type of Magento web design and development services!!!

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