How to Choose A Perfect Magento Theme for your eCommerce

October 13, 2015 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Magento is one of the most powerful platforms for any type of eCommerce store development. Many online stores which are powered by Magento has got huge success because of exciting features and advance functionalities that none another platform can provide you.

But features and functionalities are not enough. Your store must have an attractive design too. This plays an important role. So, when it comes to choosing the right Magento theme, you need to keep in mind a few things. Let’s check out what are the points you need to consider to select the right theme for your Magento store.

User-Friendly Layout:

Your Magento store not only looks good but it should be user-friendly too. Visitors don’t like websites which are hard to access and taking too much time to load. So, keep in mind when you choose a theme, the theme should be

  • Easy to navigate
  • Simple back to top button
  • Search bar and shopping icons must be at the traditional place

So, all in one your theme must provide a reason to stay at your store by providing a wonderful experience.

Perfect Layout and Template: 

Depending on the kind of business you own, you need to choose the theme and layout. Choose between the standard design and the fashionable one. For instance, if your website sells technology stuff, then you could choose the standard layout.  If it is a footwear store, you could opt for a more glamorous looking theme.  Choose a theme that is in line with the current trend.

Right Placement of Promotions and Banners: 

Ensure that there is an appropriate placement of the banners as well as promotion blocks. A theme of a given store without any banner or promotional slider is incomplete. They contribute more towards the success of a website.  A sliding or rotating banner is found to be ideal for spreading the word.

 Customization of Theme: 

Your theme has to be customized on numerous options that are possible. Checkout first on the primary options available and then go in for the secondary options too. Ensure that you get flexibility to personalize your website as per the latest trends that are going on and it should be easy to customize as well.

Compatibility Across Cross Browsers: 

The theme that you have selected should be compatible across all browsers that we have got. Users may use different browsers at different times. Your theme should, therefore, offer complete performance regardless of the browser that is being used.


The theme that you choose should be easily accessible into all mobiles and tables as more than 50% of the population is dependent on the smart devices to make their purchases.  The need is more intense now in the future.

SEO Friendly: 

Magento comes in with search engine optimization friendly environment.  Your theme just has to stick to the regular scripting practice and be doing all legitimate things for the bots to index your website.  Your HTML/CSS coding must be perfect.

Speed of the Theme: 

Currently, this is one aspect that the search engines have chosen to de-rank the websites.  Ensure that your theme does not comprise too much graphics and features that are inappropriate.  These may indirectly affect the speed of the website. Loading time should not be too long.

In-built Blog: 

Blogs have become a part of the websites nowadays because there needs to be fresh content posted very frequently for the search engines to give your website a good ranking in the search results.  When there is a blog on the website itself, this issue is solved.

Social Media Elements: 

The social media has become the most happening platform for spreading the word about a business. Brand promotion becomes easy, and you will get all the recognition that is needed to push your business forward. Ensure that the theme you have chosen will facilitate the display of different social media icons on the website. You should also be able to display the latest posts and tweets on the web page.

Apart from the standard Magento theme requirement, you need to have reviews and ratings on your product or service page. This will help the visitors to decide and form an opinion about the products or services that you are offering.

Also, picking a special theme for your niche will help you stand distinct amidst the crowd.  There are many themes available, but you need to choose the one that best fits your industry.  For instance, if you have a clothing store, your theme should be in keeping with the same and not have a general and regular one.

Remember one thing; you will not need a theme that has numerous functions.  When you have numerous functions, you should be informed that the site will become slow.  This slowness will, in turn, affect the other functionalities too.  Identify that theme that has fewer but all required functions.

Each theme comes in with numerous license plans.  Few come with one website use, and others may come with 2 or more users. So, ensure that you completely read through the license plan of your theme.

Make your website stand out by choosing Magento, the most supportive platform and feature-rich platform that we have.  M-Connect Media has professional Magento designers that can make customize your Magento store theme and can add extra features with custom Magento module development services. Get in touch with us if you are looking for such services!

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  1. Hey Yogesh….
    I have read many articles of yours. Like every article this one was also an informative article. Please keep delivering such nice information.
    Awaiting for next.

  2. Great post. Magento themes are simply best themes I have ever chosen for my website. Their collection of themes are very impressive and functional. I have been working on several of my client’s projects and I found the Magento theme to be best fit for my client’s websites. They are clean and close to what I wanted for my projects.

    1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful tips. I would also suggest the Magento Premium themes that gives professional look to the website. These themes are responsive and used for multiple purpose. I would definitely go with this theme in future too.

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