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June 22, 2013 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Responsive Magento Design

It’s obtained much more convenient for entrepreneurs to set up an eCommerce site, and it’s now easier than ever. All physical store owners are now moving their businesses online in order to make their brands known throughout the world, and it is a good and cost-effective technique because the investment in Magento ecommerce website development is very low when compared to a traditional business form.

And for eCommerce, Magento plays an important role. Magento is a sophisticated eCommerce Website Development Software, and it was recently bought by eBay. Aside from a great Magento Admin and a functional site, many people enjoy seeing the various designs that can be implemented with this powerful eCommerce Development platform.

Positive comments, more flexibility, and structural improvements with each version, resulting in simple to construct complicated templates and themes with Magento. So, according to the business scenario, utilizing Magento for eCommerce store not only provides full digital ecommerce features enriched admin panel but also provides the flexibility to design with your desired UI which can provide a better user experience to an online audience.

What is Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the most recent trend; it is a component of web design that is meant to give visitors with a fantastic experience. Using Magento responsive design for your eCommerce store will allow your online visitors to effortlessly read and grasp your site structure, services, content, and navigation on Desktop, Mobile, and iPads, which is fantastic and conceptual. A site developed using RWD conditioning the viewing and displaying environment with the use of fluid ratio based grids, flexible resized based images, and the magic of CSS3 classes and attributes.

According to M-Connect Media research on the internet, approximately 70% of online visitors visit websites using smart phones and tablet devices; therefore, if your website does not provide them with proper structure, services, and other key information, there is a 90% chance they will leave your website. To prevent online viewers’ ignorance, all website owners must embrace this adaptable strategy in order to compete for this online market and produce more traffic and returning visitors.

How Responsive Template Design saves Money – Comparison

Everyone is aware that if you choose a responsive design for your eCommerce store or CMS website, you will need to invest somewhat more than a standard website. However, if you consider other factors, you will realise that responsive design is a cost-effective method with better solutions. I’ll explain why in detail.

When you are planning to do business online you need to consider all the latest trends and other technology related stuff where you need to invest and why and the outcome, etc.

So, when developing a website, you must consider all of the viewers who will visit your website using different devices. As a result, you will plan to create multiple websites, each of which must have a distinct and readable format with an easy navigation structure for both desktop and mobile users.

  1. Desktop-based template design for your website
  2. Mobile-based theme design for your web

Even if you create different websites for both mobile and desktop users, you will not obtain the intended results because mobile can only compete with mobile device users and will cost you a lot of money.

Even if you don’t want to construct a mobile site and stick with the desktop website, you will lose roughly 50% of your sales since, according to data, 70% of visitors are arriving on smart devices, thus the ratio will be that you will lose 50% of your consumers.

As shown above, there are solid and vital reasons why it is preferable for your business to go with Responsive design, which is a cost-effective option and superior plans that can undoubtedly create big sales and make your brands renowned among the internet media. As a result, responsive websites are vital for saving money while also providing greater benefits and exposures to attract customers.

Magento eCommerce and Responsive Web Design

Magento is a sophisticated eCommerce platform that possesses all of the versatile and advanced eCommerce capabilities. It was purchased by eBay and X-Commerce. Magento eCommerce platform was developed using solid eCommerce approach.

Magento is built on a strong MVC framework and the Zend Framework, which provides the end user with immense freedom. As a result, understanding Magento structure is critical for a developer or designer. There are lots of way and ideas which can be implemented to design responsive design, but store owners must take help and advantages of the best and experience Magento designers who are in the industry for years and aware of Magento very well with a good portfolio.

There are several ready-made themes and templates for sale on the market. And if shop owners want to go with and if any graphical and extra impact with the required UI, it’s best to employ a team of Magento designers and developers that can execute your concept in lovely shape with amazing UI for better user experience and it’s a must for the eCommerce website.

Considerable points to select better Responsive Design for Magento eCommerce

while Magento has extensive eCommerce features in achieving excellence for your business, it’s necessary and important that you must hire Magento developer who can give you better solutions considering your business concept.

  1. The team or person must have at least 3+ years of expertise with the Magento variation; this is essential since they must be well familiar with the Magento structure.
  2. Your Magento Development Company should be familiar with the eCommerce business model.
  3. Your developer should be familiar with eCommerce strategies; this will help you achieve a better result.
  4. A developer must understand cross-browser compatibility.
  5. Must be aware of user-friendly, simple navigation.
  6. A developer and designer must understand the fundamentals of SEO in order to create and implement a search engine friendly website for you.
  7. All smart devices (iPads, tablets, mobile phones (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows phone) must be available to your development vendor.

I think this is it, the best you will do the best you will get.

Have a good day.

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  1. Responsive is the best solutions considering latest trend design using HTML 5, Mobile Theme is not that much reflective compare to responsive design, Its cool idea to attract customer and visitors to your eCommerce website using fluid responsive design method.

  2. Magento is versatile eCommerce platform exploring opportunities to all the businesses who want to publish there brands over world wide web, Now days responsive design trend is become heavy on this competitive market because almost 80% of users are landing to your eCommerce website using smartphones or tablets, and if your website is not eye-cache and resolutions is not compatible with the smartphone then they will immediately close your website and move to some others, so its must to have a mobile responsive design specially for the eCommerce businesses.

  3. Yes ,i agree with having a responsive webdesign then you can increase your online business.Thanks for sharing this post.

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