Reasons Why your Customers Don’t Buy From You? How to Fix it

March 1, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Converting visitors into your customers is critical for your business to sustain and survive in this fierce competition. While it becomes necessary for a brand to market their products to boost their sales volume still, the sales are not going up as desired. So, it becomes important to figure out where it is going wrong.

There is a predefined sales funnel that every one of your customers has to go through in order to make a purchase. And if your marketing does not relate to or fulfill the requirements of your sales funnel, then there’s something wrong with your funnel or marketing.

To persuade customers to buy from you, you need to make some extra efforts. In addition to the price factor, you need to convince them by offering value and showing the benefits they’ll get when they purchase your products. However, it is easier said than done.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why customers don’t buy from you and how to resolve them.

Reasons Why Customers Don’t Buy From You?

The following issues will help you evaluate where does your marketing or sales funnel go wrong and what changes you can do to improve it to boost the conversion rate.

1. Product Available at Better Price than You:

It’s one of the common reasons for customers to not purchase from you when the product is available at a lower price than you. Everyone conducts price research before making a purchase, so they can find the same product at a better price than you. And if you have your own eCommerce store, dropping prices or giving out discounts would burn you out.


What you must do here is shift the focus of your customers instantly to the value and benefits your product or services offer. Your competitors can offer a better price but they cannot incorporate the level of customer service you offer to your customers. This will help convert less price-focused shoppers to choose your products at your price with convenience instead of products with low price & bad experience. At that time experts recommended you to create and set different product prices for different customers using Customer Specific Product & Price Extension that will help you to retain your customers by offering them products at a different rate.

2. Don’t Know What Value Your Products Offer:

Another common reason why your visitors don’t go through the checkout process is that they don’t understand what value your products offer. Often your customers don’t want to know what and how many features your product offers, they want to know what value it’ll add to their life and how it’ll benefit them. Not finding the same on the product page is why they leave your site without buying.


What you should do here is look more closely into your marketing & brand messaging. The onus lies on you to show people how great & beneficial your products are. For instance, what pain points of customers your products resolve? Do they have improved performance than other similar products? To convince your customers, you need to think like one and see whether the advantages make sense for you as a buyer.

3. Visitors Get Easily Distracted:

Due to the social and entertainment-based nature of the internet, your visitors get easily distracted. There’s always someone out there who wants to capture the attention of your users. A social media notification, an enticing YouTube video, or anything else all are competing with each other to distract your customers. Even though your customers are genuinely interested in your products, these factors can easily distract them.


The average attention span of humans is less than 8 sec, which is even less than that of a Goldfish. So, to capture the attention of users, you need to engage and entice customers with appealing ways like high-quality images, deals, and entertaining content. And once you successfully grab their attention, make the shopping as easy and streamlined as possible for them.

4. Visitors Might Not Know What to Purchase:

Overloading your customers with too many product choices may easily make them confused about what to choose & what not to choose. It is a serious threat for consumers as well as marketers too. In this digitally-rich environment of today, consumers come across plenty of product choices, which leads them to “decision fatigue” making them give up the purchase completely.


The best way to deal with this is to offer a guided selling and digital advice. 83% of the customers need some sort of support to complete their purchase. Guided selling makes the shopping process for your consumers much easier than shopping on their own. But for that, you must have an in-depth understanding of what your customers’ needs are.

5. Takes Too Long to Complete Checkout:

Not only do slow websites ruin the mood of shopping, but slow checkout can also feel like a pain in the back for your visitors. This is the biggest speed-related issue why most customers feel reluctant to purchase on your website. Your customers don’t want to fill out the numerous fields and go through the countless steps for a simple purchase.


To make the purchase painless, enable customers to checkout as a guest. Keep your checkout form field as minimal. Make sure your checkout has only three-four steps, anything longer than that will make your conversions suffer. Allow your customer to go a step back in checkout. Not having that makes customers abandon the process completely. You can also use an extension like Fast Cart Checkout Extension that encourages shoppers to shop quickly.

6. Poor Customer Support:

Waiting for hours or even days to get a reply to a simple question is more frustrating than ever for anyone. Ecommerce consumers are always on the lookout for convenience and fast answers to their questions. And not providing on par customer support for all their queries make them leave your website for good.


Integrating instant conversational solutions have become a necessity for eCommerce stores today. Digital assistance and Al-based Chatbots are perfect for a real-time conversation to resolve queries customers have prior to buying. The additional level of assurance customers get from you makes them satisfied with your customer support boosting sales.


In a nutshell, these were some of the reasons why customers don’t buy from you and how to resolve them. It’s necessary first to understand what causes the issue and get on with the solution to make sure your customers don’t abandon your website. And in this competitive world, it becomes crucial for online retailers to pinpoint the issues their customers have to be successful brands.

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