Reasons Why Every eCommerce Website Loves A/B Testing

January 11, 2016 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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If you are in eCommerce, you might have heard the word A/B testing but do you know what A/B testing is ? and Why everyone loves this testing?

Customer behavior on the website are not static, so every business needs the ability to know what customers feel about the website or where business has loopholes. So, A/B testing is an eCommerce landing page optimization method to experiment on a user with your website.

A/B Testing is a truly beneficial way to research on your existing customers. ‘A’ means current website version and ‘B’ means modified version. The end result is what your customers feel about your website or products, where your website lacks or where you are really making most or lacking behind. You can use this to test anything in your eCommerce website.

Reasons Why Everyone Loves A/B Testing

There are several reasons why every eCommerce store loves A/B Testing. Few reasons are:

  • Similarity: If two similar products have the same price, then the customer is less likely to buy any one of them, however, if price differs a little bit, then will surely make a purchase.
  • Price Comparisons: It gets tricky for customers to buy the product after price comparison. So, they must focus on why the product price is cheaper than actually offering at less price.
  • Pricing Levels: Offering different prices for products and services is what pricing level is. This allows the customer to buy a product whose price is affordable to them. Customers usually make a decision by gathering the exterior information.
  • KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) Principle: Customer purchasing behavior also depends on what syllables are using to indicate their prices. For Example $1999.00, $1999 and $1,999 are the same amounts, but still different. You can understand its difference by calling the price amount as one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine is different from nineteen hundred ninety-nine. Therefore, gain customer attention on the products than price. Always use simple pricing.
  • Number 9 Principle: Product price that ends with number ‘9’ outsells more than other products even if their newer price is higher. For Example Price of a product is $100, you change it to $85 for Variant A and $89 to Variant B, then the new price of Variant B even though higher will outsell Variant A. 


The success of the A/B testing depends on how effectively you have reached to a certain number of customers or views. Obviously, you may have some idea what your customers think, still who would not expect the better result. We want you to observe few rules like… 

  • Don’t Assume Customer Expectation: Forget to assume your customer demands based on their profile information like gender, age, income or location. Use digital ways to understand them better. 
  • Create a Baseline:  The results of A/B test recommend changes, but how would you measure your test is actually successful or not. For this, create a baseline to measure actual result.
  • Not Same Works for Everyone: Always do A/B testing uniquely on your contents. Never assume the CRO’s values on one website would result from the same way as other. Even though your customers are same, you may consider the CRO’s result, but could not expect to achieve same conversions as other websites.
  • Testing One at a Time: Meaning, always test every variable one at a time without making any changes immediately. Doing this will not tell you what has actually bred the conversion rate.
  • Wait for Statistic to Grow: Even though you perform the same A/B Test repeatedly in future, it’s not necessary that the results will give same output in future. Assuming results simply by performing testing will not be enough until actual statics prove it. Three factors to consider while A/B testing is Sample Size- testing on large sample size gives the different result than low sample size, Population Size-testing on large population size and Percentage- run the test again and again in future if the percentage is almost near of testing results.
  • Learn and Run: High competition and changed customer behavior may also change their expectation. Don’t stick with same CRO results. Move ahead with the CRO. Often you may make mistake but learn from it.
  • Opinions Matter: Usability testing is always important. If you don’t have any, then look for several other low-cost or free testing services available.
  • Data Conflicts: What I meant here is customer behavior data and survey data may conflict. Because, customer survey result may be biased, but not their behavior data. For this, web analytics can help you to identify customer behavior.
  • Define your Goal: Even though you experience performance improvement, still stick to your goal. As CRO means website conversions on the whole and not only the individual elements like shares, tweets etc. Although including everything resulting in conversion can be a reason to enjoy.
  • Prioritize Impact Area: Don’t test on little website elements which do not have the major impact on conversions. Always focus on your high impact areas which actually give results. 

Several things have to be considered while doing A/B Testing. Every merchant have different business and different requirements too. This means, their customers will also be different. Getting the right tactics to experiment with your potential customers will give you chance to interact with them actually. Implementing the best A/B testing process can also make your test successful which leads to more website conversion. 

Performing the A/B Testing on the right areas of your Magento eCommerce website will boost your needs.

For Example: Let’s take your Product Title. Here, in Variation A you showcased the actual product and Variation B contains product sale information, like “Free Shipping” in the product title. Now, show the Variation A web page to have customers and other Variations to rest customers. What would you see? You would clearly experience customers mostly directed to Variation B due to its title leading to more conversions. Hence, A/B testing results will tell you how to attract your customers. 

Other important impact areas of your websites are Product Images, Product Badging, Product Descriptions, Stock Availability Information and Call to Action Buttons

At the End: 

A/B Testing is a good way to uncover the bottom line of your websites and implement the right strategies to keep your customers intact. 

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  1. Very useful post. A/B testing is must to use technique for business. Reading this post, I am surely going to implement it for my upcoming website. Thanks for writing this blog. Can you please suggest few tools to do A/B testing?

  2. Great post written. A/B testing is a great way to predict how the change in your website have an impact on your website overall ranking. Well, I count it as one of the prominent way that helps in identifying the loss of the potential leads to the website. I would recommend doing the A/B testing to the web masters to know how the website change have impact on their heavy traffic.

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