Why You Need to Use Quora in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

July 12, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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With 300 million monthly active users in 2021, Quora has become one of the most popular platforms for marketers. Based on statistics, we can say that these people have the potential to become prospective customers.

Well, this is the first reason you should include Quora in your digital marketing strategy. Since it is the world’s largest question-and-answer forum, it has gained an edge over other social forums because of its highly monitored content.

When it comes to the positive aspect of Quora, answers will be checked, and users’ profiles will be reviewed regularly, and content will be checked for quality. There is no doubt that Quora can help you build brand awareness as well as generate leads.

Why Quora must be in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • You will have the opportunity to be found by millions of monthly visitors around the world
  • There are many topics on which you can share your expertise
  • A team of experts will guide you in any niche
  • Direct contact with your prospects is an opportunity for you
  • Anyone who asks about your business can get an answer from you
  • Your profile has topic-focused sections where you can share content from other websites.

What makes Quora useful for Digital Marketing?

Now we know why Quora should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy. So, now let’s analyze how Quora can help your digital marketing strategy.

  • It helps you discover and promote your brand

What is most important for your brand is that everyone in your target market knows about you. There is no doubt that Quora is a community-based platform where the answers provided by people are vetted.

Many people land on Quora to ask questions and obtain answers to those questions. There is an opportunity for your brand to be seen by millions on Quora by adding information about your company. It is only important to ensure that you are not overselling your products or services.

The brand’s visibility on Quora is another benefit of using Quora in digital marketing. This gives you a chance to be on the first page of search results. To get the best results, it is crucial for you to get visible and in front of people. Due to this reason, Quora perfectly fits the bill.

  • It is optimized for search engines

When we talk about digital marketing, we can’t ignore SEO since it’s a vital part of strategy. To get better results, we should provide value to search engines. As we said above, visibility is crucial to getting better results.

For relevant queries, Quora posts will appear in the search results just like any other content. Suppose a user searches something related to you or your brand, and if you have already answered that question, chances are high that you are ranked number one in search results. This is how Quora generates some referral traffic.

Furthermore, if your answer is perfectly relevant to the question, you might consider adding some keywords to it. This will increase your chances of being featured in Quora’s search results.

Since Quora is a community-based platform that offers answers, it is important to note that it does not consider itself to be a marketing tool. There is no allegation on Quora that they are a marketing tool, so they advise its users to direct their answer to the question asked with the utmost genuine motives.

  • It helps you understand your target audience

Next, Quora is useful for finding your target audience, which is very important. Those complicated, expensive surveys are no longer necessary, and you no longer have to guess what they require.

By analyzing your Quora questions and answers, you can find out what kind of content keeps your target audience engaged. By understanding what you customer wants, uses or thinks, you can get to know them better. By providing solutions to their jargons, you can increase visitors to your website and make your brand more relevant.

  • It helps you in content marketing

To sales and marketing, content marketing is the soul of digital marketing. The king of all things is content, and you will never disagree with that. Not only is Quora a platform for selling products and services, but also for promoting your own content.

It’s no secret that blogs and other forms of web content give readers information about the brand, its products and services, and even user experiences. Your content, along with being informative, serves as an extension of your brand identity. When you answer questions and provide specific answers that are asked for, the reader becomes interested in finding out more about you.

Marketing directly to consumers won’t work for you because consumers are unlikely to buy products or services they aren’t even aware of. You can start by providing information about you, your brand, and services that are requested by the user, and then introduce your product to the market.

Since you can comment and also respond anywhere on the platform, whether it’s your own profile or someone else’s, Quora has become a popular platform in content marketing. As a result, you will be able to connect with people who like your answers, and later they will form a bond with you.

  • It’s a source of long-term traffic

We already know Quora is a popular forum for asking and answering questions. User profiles are strictly verified, and content is checked for quality. At the same time, one must keep in mind that questions posted on Quora often persist for years and are frequently updated. The result is that it is an excellent source for driving long-term traffic to your website.

  • It lets you stay on top of trends

By following topics relevant to your brand or product and services, you can stay on top of trends. With Quora’s trending sidebar feature, you can see the most popular topics and posts with the most comments up to the minute.

When you know the topic that’s relevant and trendy to your brand, you can bring your own perspective to your conversions and share it on your other social media platforms. It’s like board yourself on a moving train, but believe the effort will be worth it.

Ending Up

Quora in your digital marketing strategy is like rain in a drought, you just enjoy having Quora. Implement Quora in your digital marketing strategy as soon as possible to generate leads and revenue.

Is Quora useful for digital marketing strategy for your business? M-connect Media can assist with more information about its benefits and uses. Contact us for more information.

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