How To Optimize Your Magento 2 Store For Voice Search: Strategic Ways

March 24, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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optimize magento 2 store for voice search

Online shopping is increasingly popular, and effective E-commerce systems like Magento 2 continuously upgrade to stay up with cutting-edge technology. Voice search is an excellent illustration of technological advancement in E-commerce.

Leading eCommerce systems, like Magento 2, are recognize for their regular updates to enable cutting-edge technologies. One such technique is voice search. Voice search is the most intriguing technology of all time, and it is increasing alarmingly.

This is used to provide customers with a more seamless purchasing experience and to improve merchant administration. With around 110 million voice queries daily, the market for voice search is estimated to grow by $40 billion by 2022.

Magento 2 includes a plethora of features and functions. If you want to prepare your Magento store for voice search, here are some Optimize tips and tricks to optimize your Magento site for voice searches.

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Why Should You Include Voice Search in Magento 2 Store?

Voice search strategies are emerging due to the increased use of mobile devices and the proliferation of intelligent speech devices. Voice search is becoming more popular when looking for something online, on a website, or in any Magento 2 store.

To rank your website on the Internet, Voice Search optimization is required. That will make it easier for your users to find what they want. It is also favor since the commands handled much faster than manually.

Another reason it is available for customers on the go. A user may purchase online from your Magento 2 store. Even if they are delayed in traffic or have their hands full, a short voice search may lead them to your shop.

Benefits of Adding Voice Search in Magento 2

The following circumstances would rely on voice search and consider it vital for a better user experience including:

  • People with physical limitations who are unable to operate a keyboard or a mouse
  • Persons who have temporary disabilities, such as broken limbs or hands.
  • Users with cognitive and learning difficulties who can only manage by speaking instead of typing
  • People suffering from a broken arm or a comparable ailment
  • Participants prefer to talk instead of a type to do tasks more quickly.

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Strategic Ways to Optimize Magento 2 Store for Voice Search

After considering all of the benefits of voice search, the Magento 2 store prepared to implement voice search optimization as soon as possible. The following are the approaches to improve your Magento 2 store for voice search.

Mobile Optimization

The majority of voice search inquiries made using portable and smartphone devices. According to Statista, the global proportion of mobile e-commerce sales will exceed 70% of total sales in 2020. In addition, Google says that 27% of mobile users worldwide use voice search.

Google employs a mobile-first indexing strategy, in which mobile optimization is the first step required if a Magento 2 store is to rank high in voice search results. It is also suggest that the AMP extension or PWA technology use to create lightweight mobile pages for the website.

Hence, if you want to keep your Magento 2 store at the top of voice search results, you should begin by completing the following steps:

  • Create a responsive version of your Magento 2 store.
  • UX-test your Magento 2 store design.
  • Mobile speed loading should be tested and improved as needed
  • Ensure that your sitemap includes all mobile pages.
  • Make sure the desktop content and metadata are the same for mobile devices.
  • Mobile web must be evaluated using a variety of online tools.

Impactful Keyword Research

Keywords are a vital link between what people are looking for and the material you develop to address their queries. The strategy for proper keyword research is to understand your target market and hunt for services, products, and content.

Keywords are vital to optimizing your website for search engine results pages and voice searches. It would be preferable if you research, particularly on long-tail keywords that are very precise and have less competition than extensive volume search phrases.

Keywords are require to display the results of what people search for on the Internet. Do keyword research for Magento 2 voice search optimization. Include the keywords in your product description, website content, about page, and anywhere else they need.

Speed Optimization

Speed optimization must addressed to rank higher for voice search queries. According to one survey, more than half of online customers quit a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. They anticipate even faster results when using voice search.

To rank higher in Google, the merchant should use Google Page Speed Insight to assess the situation, identify concerns, and implement performance modifications before retaking the speed test to ensure that the changes made are effective.

The following measures will help you enhance the speed of the Magento 2 store and get higher ranks for voice search queries:

  • Third-party tools may used to test the page speed of your website.
  • Analyze the outcomes
  • Apply the tool-recommended improvements
  • Repeat the speed test to determine whether the website’s speed has improved.

Use of Natural Language

According to Google, 70% of voice searches to Google Assistant are in natural language rather than standard search phrases use in a regular online search. This data suggests that you should identify the long-tail and conversational search phrases that potential clients use during a voice search.

Examine how people ask questions in online forums or social media groups connected to your business area as a good beginning point for this investigation. This can indicate how they are looking for a product or service on the Magento website. Combining natural language into your content will help it rank higher in voice-based search results.

Featured Snippet

A featured snippet shows above other result listings at the top of the Google search result page. It is derive from the top-ranking search results for that search query and includes the page title and URL of the site.

Featured snippets significantly influence SEO for both text-based and voice searches. Google places the snippet at position zero or zero ranks above other search result listings, making it essential for speech-based inquiries since it feeds voice search replies.

Some excellent practices for optimizing your Magento 2 website for featured snippets:

  • Search for highlighted snippet type that Google has displayed for the term you want to rank for.
  • Make compelling Meta descriptions and title tags.
  • Featured snippets are choose from websites that appear in the top ten results on Google’s search engine results page.
  • Follow best practices for content optimization for the website to appear on the first page of search results.
  • Format your content using clear code, and use the necessary tags for lists, tables, and headers.
  • Insert the question as an H2 or H3 tag in the text, then offer the appropriate response underneath the titles.

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Summing Up

Voice search has already become a need rather than a luxury in the E-commerce market. This shift in customer behavior will continue to expand in coming years as companies spend on improving devices with voice search capability.

This forces Magento web development professionals to look beyond simple search capabilities. Voice recognition and voice commands are intriguing features if you want to impress your clients and so top success table.

You can confidently establish an online empire with Magento! Make yourself one of those tech players by optimizing your Magento store. If you find difficult, employ a Professional Magento Developer to handle everything for you.

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