Top 5 Useful Magento Developer Tools You’ll Need for Your Business in 2024

August 4, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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useful magento developer tools you'll need for your business in 2023

Magento Developer Tools are like a special tool for computer experts. It helps them understand and fix problems on a webpage. It’s super helpful when working on Magento 2. They changed how things are organized and added cool new features.

Even though they tried to make things simpler and better for developers by making it faster and able to handle more things, it can still be tricky for beginners. New technology is great, but it can also be confusing for someone just starting out.

Magento Developer tools will help you a lot if you’re a developer for Magento. They help you make stuff and keep things safe. So, if you’re starting with Magento or if you already know a lot, keep reading to find out about these awesome tools!

In this article, we looked into this and found some useful tools that people who work on Magento websites can use to find and fix problems. Today, we’re going to talk about eight really cool Debug tools that Magento 2 developers will like in 2023. They may be used to create a full-fledged E-commerce website. So, let’s get started!

Magento Developer Tools – A Quick Glance

Magento 2 Developer Tools are special helpers that make it easier for people using Magento 2 to make online stores. These tools help developers do their job better and faster by fixing problems, organizing things, and making sure the store works really well.

The Magento 2 has different tools to help with different things, like checking versions, moving stuff to Magento, and making sure things get shipped. There are some special tools and apps that make websites look and work really well.

The tools are superpowers for developers, making the whole process smoother and efficient. A Tool is a bunch of tools made to help developers who use Magento 2. They can use these tools to find and fix issues, make their stores better, and test things out.

If you’re developer who makes things with Magento 2, we suggest you try out the Magento 2 Developer Tool. It’s like a cool helper that can make you build and check stores faster. They can help you make and test your stores in a quicker and better way.

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Top 5 Useful Magento Developer Tools for Your Business

1. MageTools

The MageTool is that it helps you do things faster and you don’t have to do the same thing again and again. Instead of going back and forth between different tools and a special system, you can use this special tool to give commands and make things smoother.

Also, MageTool is great for building different parts of the website, like controllers or modules. And even moving important data around is easier with MageTool. People who make stuff can use it to do things quickly and make their work flow better.

This tool is also really good for making parts of the website and moving important stuff around. Also, it’s easy for developers to move important stuff to the Magento admin and MySQL tools. They can quickly give commands to make their work better.


  • Automate routine operations tasks
  • Clear cache and re-indexes data
  • Enhanced work flow.
  • Easier Switch from Magento admin to MySQL tool

2. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is like a super tool for making things with PHP, which is a computer language. It can help you keep track of and work on many online store projects.

With the PHPStorm Magento 2 add-on, you can quickly finish code and make new code using an existing Magento store. You can also look at the big code of Magento 2.

It has cool stuff like helping you find things in the code, making new parts of the code, and checking if things are written right. The PHPStorm Live Templates thing is really cool when you want to use the same code in different places.

People have different habits and like different tools, but PHPStorm is often a good choice for making stuff with Magento.


  • Simple to set up
  • PHP code assistance
  • Remote synchronization and FTP
  • Support for Version Control Systems
  • Visual debugging available within the IDE

3. Xdebug

Xdebug is a special thing that helps people who make stuff with PHP, like in online stores. It’s like a helper that lets them find and fix problems in their work. It’s really good for figuring out issues that come up. This also helps you keep an eye on and solve problems that pop up.

With Xdebug, you can make special points in the code where it stops running. This helps you see different parts of the code without running everything again. So, it saves you time when you’re trying to fix your work and make things better.

With Xdebug, It’s like having a special tool for finding and fixing issues in PHP code. This tool can also help you understand how PHP code works. Magento is built in a special way, so Xdebug makes it easy to fix work and make things happen quickly.


  • Improvement of PHP errors.
  • When script is running, it goes through code editor
  • Helps to improve application by finding bottlenecks.
  • Assists in tracing and writing missing function call and parameter in code.

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4. Magento Debug

Magento Debug is a super helpful tool for people who work on Magento websites. If you’re curious why it’s called ‘debug,’ that’s because it has a special tool called a debugger toolbar. Even though it might look a bit different, it works a lot like the tools builders use when they make a website.

Using Magento Debug, developers can find and fix problems in their Magento 2 websites. This tool helps prevent issues and saves time and money. Magento Debug gives tips on how to solve the problems so they don’t make the website slow or cause trouble for the people who visit it.

Magento Debug is good to show details about how things are working so developers can understand the code better. This is like a special tool for developers that looks like the Magento development toolbox. Apart from that, they both do almost the same things.


  • Offer extended classes.
  • The observer and events Data
  • Collections and models are called when website loads.
  • Block information, including handle names and related template files, and full file locations.

5. Magento PHPUnit

PHPUnit is like an extra tool that you can add to Magento 2. It helps you test your Magento website in a better way. With this tool, you can quickly check if different parts of your website, like features, modules, and blocks, are working okay.

Using this tool, you can also test things like how your website looks and acts when people use it. This is important for the people who build Magento websites. It helps them make sure everything is working well and nothing gets broken.

When you use this tool, you can see how it checks different parts of your website step by step. It’s like the tool is exploring and making sure everything is safe. And the best part is, it doesn’t mess up your website or the important files in it.


  • Helps in the testing of code quality.
  • Aids in the configuration of module issues.
  • Creates a link between Magento and PHPUnit.

Bottom Line

If we wanted to say how important Magento Development tools are, it would be really tricky to pick just one because there are many good ones. These tools for making things with Magento have lots of cool stuff, so you should pick carefully from the list.

The tools for making things with Magento that we talked about above can help web developers get the information when they’re making stuff for people. The tools we mentioned below can help you work better and save time and energy.

The Magento Developers at M-Connect Media are really good at using them to make things even better. We are doing Magento stuff for more than ten years, so we know what we’re doing! You can contact us anytime if you want to know more!

If you have anything to say about this article about Magento tools, we’d love to hear from you. And if you need help with your online store made with Magento, you can talk to us. We have experts who can make your store even cooler!

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