Latest Online Shopping Trends 2015

October 14, 2015 Written By M-Connect Media

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Online Shopping Trends

Shopping trends have been changing correspondingly as we shop. Change in consumer behavior to shop using various methods have directed eCommerce store performance to reach the peak of new competition. Emerging trends of holiday season has a direct impact on sales number. Instead of relying on overnight sales, retailers need to focus on every detailed strategy that works on every season.

Post understanding the latest shopping trends and implementing them in 2015, holiday season requires plenty of planning ahead to gain success results.

Mobile Making Prominent Appearance on Big Shopping Festivals

2014 Stats

  • 50% shoppers browse products online using their hand-held devices.
  • Last year, mobile recorded 22.6% sale, 27.2% growth than 2013.
  • 45% traffic came from mobile phone during holiday season.
  • 1 in every 4 purchase were made from mobile.

What’s Expected?

  • 2015 year will experience a high mobile usage this holiday season to purchase online, expected to increase 5.7% over year.
  • Mobile search have already increased by 120% in the coming year.
  • 82% mobile users are expected to browse mobile this holiday season.

We already know, shoppers are busy shopping online and try making the most this festive season. Give them opportunity to browse products online using their mobile device, therefore your website should be mobile friendly. Mobile usage is not a second thought to make a purchase. Retailers have found their customer browsing their mobiles to hit the best deals.

Inspiring Shopping with YouTube Videos

2014 Stats

  • 45% consumers opt for expert videos to watch product reviews.
  • 80% online shoppers watch product reviews and consumer rating before purchasing products.
  • 68% consumers preferred products belonging to categories of ‘people like me’.

What’s Expected?

  • 64% online shoppers are expected to view product reviews.
  • 32% consumers likely to browse YouTube videos to narrow shopping decision.

Watching videos followed by purchasing is an increasingly popularized way to shop online. These videos help the users to look at the product, read its reviews, decide to buy or learn about it. Users have mostly viewed unboxing videos to make purchasing decision. Today, online shoppers spends long hours every day to shortlist the products they wish to buy.

Email Connects With Your Customers

2014 Stats:

  • 50% smartphone users opens promotional emails during holiday season more than anytime.
  • Days recorded maximum emails opened on mobile are Friday, Saturday and Sunday unlike other days.

What’s Expected?

  • Go mobile friendly to cover every shoppers.
  • 48% retailers believed shoppers tend to open maximum emails this season.
  • 7 in 10 people use email coupons to shop during holiday season.
  • Email drives 40% more traffic than social media platforms.

Holiday Season opens door to opportunity to build relationship with potential consumers. Email Marketing is a proven method to inform customers about your discounts and deals on products. Its a sales driven methods that dominates traditional online search; both paid and free to attract customers. Triggering your brand alert during festive seasons attract shoppers to purchase products. Include information which attracts consumer interest using various social media platform to drive traffic to your website.

Mobile behavior has been influenced by the changed customer behavior, don’t forget to send mobile friendly emails to keep shoppers plugged with latest deals.

Improved Payment Process

Holidays are busiest time for retailers. Apart from most challenges flooding during these days, one crucial factor determining consumers interest in the payment procedure. Its natural, customers are more conscious about making the most this season and earning maximum discounts and save more on their purchase. Offer them with varied improved and simplify payment methods during the checkout process to improve sales.

Retailers have witnessed consumers leaving purchase during checkout process if the process is long or does not involve their payment methods. To motivate consumer complete their purchase, offer easier checkout with improved payment methods giving them freedom to choose what they wish that cause shoppers to make more purchase and spend more.


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  1. After looking the trends covered in this blog, I can say those who are preparing for this holiday season should have a look at the points listed above. This will help in cultivating the profit and boost the sales.

    1. I would say, these points will surely be watchout for the holiday shopping trends that will help you learn the various tactics for the holiday season.

  2. I agree. This blog covered the important trends that will help in gaining the prospective customer confidence to shop with you.

    1. Knowing what is going on in the market and understanding the eCommerce trends has become a major need to fulfill the customer demands. It is very important and become necessary to follow all these trends.

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