How Can A Mobile App Help You to Increase Shopify Store Sales? Effective Ways

July 25, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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how can a mobile app help you to increase shopify store sales

Shopify has quickly become the most popular and top eCommerce systems today. Shopify helps around 1 million eCommerce businesses all over the world. It has become a go-to platform for many business owners who want to start online stores.

When you want to bring your business online, having an eCommerce site is a fantastic way to begin, but it’s not the only thing you need. You also need a mobile app to make the most of your eCommerce business and reach more customers.

You may wonder why having a mobile app is important; we will explain why. Mobile phones have become a necessary part of everyone’s life as technology has improved. Many people use mobile phones now, and because of that, the need for mobile apps has also grown a lot.

To achieve their long-term goals, most business owners prefer to invest in mobile applications instead of just having a website. This post will talk about why a mobile app is essential for an online shop and how it can help increase sales on Shopify.

What are Shopify Apps?

In today’s digital era, having a mobile app for Shopify store can boost sales and make shopping easier for customers. If you build a Shopify mobile app, you can create a powerful solution that will improve clients’ online businesses.

Shopify apps are programs that make a Shopify e-commerce store even better. They offer features and services that you can’t find on the regular Shopify platform.

These apps can help with many tasks like managing inventory, optimizing SEO, getting customer reviews, automating marketing, and more. They can also connect with other software and services, like email marketing tools, shipping carriers, and accounting applications.

You can find these Shopify apps in the Shopify App Store. Store owners can check out, review, and install apps that suit needs. There are free and paid apps, with some providing free basic functionality and others charging for premium features.

Shopify is the leading choice in the ecommerce business due to its unique features and numerous benefits. To improve sales on Shopify store, you must use the mobile app, which will assist you in engaging consumers and increasing sales.

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Why should your eCommerce business have a mobile app?

According to Analysis, merchants and customers prefer brands that provide a more personalized buying experience. A mobile app improves the buying experience compared to a website.

A mobile app is easier to use and helps customers buy things more peacefully. Since customers can use a mobile app from anywhere and anytime, it’s more convenient for most people.

Having a mobile app for an eCommerce business has several other benefits too, compared to just having a website. There might be some false beliefs about creating a mobile app for eCommerce, but you should check trustworthy sources to make sure.

How to Increase Your Shopify Store Sales using a Mobile App

Many experts and websites have recommended various strategies that work effectively for boosting your Shopify sales. There are a few points or strategies you need to know and follow if you want to increase Shopify sales through the mobile app.

Some of the effective ways and Strategies worth discussing are:

1. Enable Push Notifications

The level of connection offered by a mobile app is incredible. You can talk to your customers every day through chat boxes or email. But there are some factors that make an email campaign work better.

Push notifications are a great way to get app users interested and make more sales. You can use push notifications to let customers know about new products, special discounts, or if they left something in cart.

But remember, don’t send many alerts to your customers. To send the right notifications at the right time, divide audience into groups based on what they like and what they bought before.

2. Easier Checkout Procedure

A long and complicated checkout process can make people leave without buying anything. To avoid losing sales, simplify the checkout experience on your Shopify mobile app.

Let customers check out as guests, use different payment methods, and use auto fill to save time. Also, ensure to have secure payment options to make customers feel safe.

You can even offer free delivery or discounts to encourage them to finish their orders. One of the best things about Shop Pay is its fast checkout, which lets customers buy things quickly.

Even regular customer accounts benefit from this, helping sellers reach more customers from Shop’s network of 100 million shoppers.

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3. Improve Customer Personalization

Customers love it when shops give them personalized suggestions. App development is the best way to provide customers with exactly what they want. Apps make it easy to use AI technology.

Personalization is important for making more sales and keeping customers happy. Use the data from mobile app to give personalized suggestions, special discounts, and offers to your customers.

When a customer sees a suggestion that matches interests, they are more likely to buy it. When you offer personalized content, it also makes customers more interested and more likely to buy from you.

4. Customer Service Improvement

A mobile commerce app can help you provide better customer service. Customers may monitor status of products on the app after completing purchasing process. The app displays the product’s status, including when it is shipped, ready for delivery, and delivered.

You may even send an email when the product is delivered. It might be tough to track a delivery without an app. A Shopify store mobile app can also help with the return procedure.

You must make it simple to return and refund items. If a consumer has problems returning or refunding an item, they are less likely to return to your Shopify store in the future.

5. Include Loyalty Program

When people join a loyalty program, they feel encouraged to spend money and shop more. These things will help Shopify business make more sales. And when you use an app, loyalty program gets even better.

In this program, you’ll see that companies have a loyalty program and offer great deals and discounts. Shopify experts recommend this app and tell owners to start using it to get more people interested in business.

Keeping customers coming back is really important for every business, and loyalty programs are the best way to do that. It makes people want to spend more money and have a better shopping experience.

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6. Provide Versatile Payment Options

When you create a Shopify store, make sure the eCommerce website development services include many payment options for an easy checkout process.

Offer different ways to pay, like credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Work with a trusted payment processor to make sure transactions are safe and fast.

You can give customers many choices to pay for things. Having more options makes it easy for them to pay the way they like, whether it’s with cards, UPI, or Net banking.

With a mobile app, It helps you reach more customers and makes more people complete their purchases, which means you make more money.


To increase your sales with Shopify mobile app, you need to do a few things. Ensure shopping is easy and smooth for customers. Use effective marketing strategies to attract more people. Also keep improving app based on data you gather.

Even if your online business is doing well, there are many good reasons to turn it into a mobile app with Shopify. A mobile app can help you make much more money and reach more customers than just having a website.

With a mobile app, you can expand your eCommerce shop even further. If you’re already using Shopify for your online business, that’s a smart choice. Now, it’s time to join others and create your own e-commerce mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I increase sales on Shopify mobile app?

Only send alerts that really help customers, like discount codes, flash discounts, and shipping reminders, to increase Shopify sales with your mobile app. Sending greetings or weekly newsletters could bother them, and they might turn off your app alerts.

  • Why use apps on Shopify?

Shopify gives you the basics that every business needs. But there are apps for everything else you want. Apps help you make your store special in different ways, like adding customer reviews or showing pop-up messages. A good app can even make your business tasks easier.

  • How mobile apps can grow your business?

Companies can make money with their apps by showing ads that match what users like to buy. When you create a nice mobile app, it’s easy for customers to buy things with just a few clicks on their phones. You can also use the app to offer special deals and discounts, so customers want to buy more things.


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