10 Essential Features Every B2B eCommerce Website Should Have

April 4, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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essential features every b2b eCommerce website

B2B eCommerce features are unique, but some are similar. The essential characteristic of e-commerce business sticks out since marketing to companies differs significantly from selling to consumers.

successful B2B eCommerce website must-have features such as on-site searchpurchase choicesreal-time stock, and live chat. B2B website owners must do many things to guarantee the site is effective and can quickly convert consumers.

B2B clients are increasingly purchasing online. More than 74% of B2B consumers undertake pre-purchase online, and more than 90% begin business purchases with an online search. This thing reflects the ever-expanding reach of B2B internet portals.

In this article, we will look at the key qualities of a B2B eCommerce website that your website should have to generate sales and keep customers coming back for more.

What is a B2B eCommerce website?

Business-To-Business eCommerce website is an online shopping cart that businesses, such as wholesalers or distributors, may use to transfer merchandise through the ordering process.

B2B eCommerce website is an online store where businesses may buy the things they need to operate. This range from office supplies and furniture to manufacturing parts and large-scale product purchases.

The B2B component refers to any “business-to-business transaction,” whereas the eCommerce component signifies that customers may buy and pay for products through a website. B2B websites can appear and function similarly to the equivalent B2C sites.

Users may browse goods, add them to their shopping cart, choose a delivery method, and pay for their order. This is true for B2B brands that provide wholesale products to companies that resell them to clients and enterprises that sell directly to small businesses.

B2B eCommerce platforms are used by the majority of well-known online businesses, including eBay and Amazon. Yet, B2B platforms may be useful to smaller enterprises or start-ups that need assistance with their operations.

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10 Essential Features For Every B2B eCommerce Website

Customer accounts drive the B2B eCommerce experience, which should dictate every design and development decision you make. It all boils down to removing sales barriers, driving purchases, and increasing lifetime customer value.

However, based on our experience working with various B2B companies, the following are some of the most important B2B features that an eCommerce website should have.

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1. User-Friendly Navigation

A User-friendly navigation is one of the most crucial aspects of an e-commerce website. Visitors frequently expect a horizontal navigation bar over the top of the page and a vertical navigation bar down the left side.

Simple navigation ensures lower bounce rates and delighted customers. Your website should be user-friendly and simple for them while also providing information about what you do and contact information.

Space management, photos, links, homepage titles, accurate product descriptions, page loading time, hierarchical categories, catalogues, and so on should all be proper to increase the e-commerce site’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Simple Account Setup

The first feature you need on every B2B eCommerce website is a client account, which begins with an account registration mechanism. The technique allows resellers to generate unique logins and facilitates separating multiple customer purchasing profiles.

Account onboarding is an important step in segmenting B2B Company users. It facilitates incorporating a different registration method, allowing business initiatives to register with many websites. In B2B, having a separate login for resellers is also quite important.

3. Mobile Responsive Website Design

Mobile devices are rapidly being used to conduct B2B online transactions. The Mobile devices are also often used during the research stage of your customer’s purchase process.

As a consequence, your ecommerce site should look fantastic on mobile devices. Every aspect of your store should be mobile-friendly. It is primarily intended for mobile users.

This would not only please Google, whose algorithm changes every few years, but focusing on mobile adaptability will make it easier for clients to browse catalogues and purchase.

4. Advanced Search and Filtering

Ecommerce search and filtering features are important ecommerce website design aspects because they help clients quickly and easily find the goods they are looking for.

Meanwhile, filters allow customers to narrow down product listings and focus on what they’re truly interested in while passing through unnecessary pages and goods. Investing in your website’s specialised search and filter capability might take your product exposure to the next level.

A quick search function significantly improved the website’s usability. Consumers need to enter the first character, and the website will guess what they’re looking for and display results as they type.

5. Detailed Product Description with Images

An informative and entertaining product page is the most obvious component of an ecommerce website feature list. It helps you explain the value of your items and allows consumers to decide whether or not to purchase them.

You must provide precise product specifications for customers to make informed purchase decisions. Make this information visible and easy to find, especially on quality and safety, so that purchasers can make educated purchasing decisions.

Add categories like featured goods, best-sellers, exclusive things, related products, and top saves. This will attract users to spend more time on the website. You may upsell by showcasing product bundles that are commonly purchased together.

Give high-quality photographs for each product that convey all of the visual information a consumer could need to know about the product in question to aid them in making confident purchases.

6. Special Offer and Discounts For Bulk Orders

B2B customers do not make little transactions. People prefer to make huge and bulk purchases. Consequently, it is better to offer discounts based on the quantity purchased. This is useful if you wish to transport pallets or cartons where the sale of product batches does not affect carriage charges.

Check that the pricing structure and sales channel allow for bulk discounts. To make it worthwhile, ensure your price structure and sales channel will enable you to provide volume discounts.

Discounts, special deals, and freebies shown on the product page are the finest ecommerce website features for one simple reason: they encourage visitors to buy more because they believe they are saving more.

7. Flexible Secure Payment Options

Bank transfers, third-party payers, credit accounts, and other payment options are popular with B2B clients. The more payment choices clients have, the more sales they will make.

Payment choices improve the client experience overall. Flexible payment options are a good idea for any ecommerce site, but they are especially important for B2B enterprises.

While offering a variety of payment methods, be sure to provide offline options in addition to standard online forms such as credit cards, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, and so on.

An example of an offline payment method is to finalize the order and then allow the client to pay for it using the order number within 30 days of the transaction being finished.

8. Customer support

To increase conversion rates, your ecommerce site should provide more than just a “Contact Us” page. You may include a “Request a free quote” form or even a live-chat feature to give real-time customer care to your clients.

During the design phase, ask your professionals to improve the customer service features for your online store. This may be an excellent approach to connecting with customers and keeping your business at the forefront of their minds.

Have a customer support page to aid with various inquiries. Still, you can also strive to construct a live chat facility to keep up with interested clients fast and easily grab purchases.

9. Easy Checkout Options

Checkout is crucial for all eCommerce websites, but B2B shops have additional challenges. Add new features like enhanced payment flexibility, guest checkout, address information retrieval, and the option to repeat previous transactions.

This gives your consumers the comfort they desire and allows you to design your website more successfully. An efficient, user-friendly checkout is essential for a successful ecommerce website that will reduce cart abandonment and keep customers returning.

10. Product Reviews

Reviews are cutting-edge ecommerce website design components that boost social proof and customer loyalty. Online testimonials are trusted by 88% of clients as much as personal referrals.

Ecommerce businesses can incorporate modules from popular review networks such as Yelp, Trust Pilot, and Facebook, depending on the functioning of their website

Customer reviews are the most significant B2B ecommerce website elements that increase the company’s legitimacy and exhibit that you have to pay clients.

Furthermore, client reviews can provide keywords for your online store, an important aspect of any ecommerce website.

Last Thoughts

B2b businesses and clients have unique demands that must be fulfilled even more than common grounds. B2B companies have a unique opportunity to recruit account-based clients and double down on initiatives like customer retention and lifetime maximization.

Many of the features that work for B2C online businesses are also featured in the most successful B2B eCommerce websites. Launching a successful B2B ecommerce store is only feasible after a period of time.

While this list of B2B eCommerce features is vital for differentiating the company from the competition, some may apply to something other than your business. So, contact one of our reputable B2B ecommerce website development firms that know your business and offer the finest solution.

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