Customize Magento: Easily Personalize your Contact Page

January 18, 2017 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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We’re always sharing the best ways to customize Magento websites and we’re focusing on the Contact Us page. Here’s how to leave an impression with yours.

It’s like your lifeline and link to the world– it’s the Contact Us page that lets your customers know you’re there for them.

But how do you make a page that many companies take for granted stand out so that it complements your brand image and builds trust with your customer?

Figuring out how to customize Magento to fit your needs 100% can require some thought and careful planning so that you best represent your company.

That’s why the Magento team at M-Connect Media has put together this guide to help you learn how you can improve your Contact Us page to really get the communication going.

If you want to make sure your customers are getting the best information, keep reading to find out what you’ll want to make sure your Contact Us page includes!

Why do you need to customize Magento to improve your Contact Us page?

A lot of companies really overlook the Contact Us page. After all, it should just contain the usual phone number, email address, and maybe physical address combo– right?

Wrong! Your Contact Us page really can accomplish a lot more than just being one of your last thoughts when it comes to building your company’s site.

Customize Magento to make it one of the most important, optimized hubs on your website and you could see an increase in traffic and communication that benefits you in the long run.

But how can a simple page like the Contact Us page accomplish all that? Well, this little page packs a punch. Here’s why:

It works on building trust

When your contact page contains a little more than that “contact combo” we mentioned above, it can help develop a trustworthy connection between you and the customer.

Alert them that you’re “here to help” and make it a page where their questions can be answered and they feel important.

For your company, this could mean adding a FAQ section, an option to open a chat with an employee, and so forth.

As long as you are providing them enough information that they feel valued, and that they have multiple avenues to get the help they need, you’ll really start to see the perks of having a great Contact Us page.

And they’ve listed a few ways that you can really create that bond, including having great service, consistency, and transparency.

The Contact Us page can help solidify your branding

Part of the consistency that can help build trust in your company can also really help you solidify your branding– and it can all happen on that Contact Us page.

Make sure this page stays consistent with the design and tone of your company. A company with a quirky attitude shouldn’t have a plain Contact Us page, for example.

So make sure you take the time to customize Magento and really stick to your brand.

How to customize your Magento Contact Us page

Now that we’ve covered why you should spend time focusing on your Contact Us page, let’s start talking about what you can do to customize Magento to fit your needs!

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Show off all of your contact points

Chances are that even you think about a Contact Us page for any company, you are expecting a simple page that contains that basic “contact combo” we mentioned above.

But what you should really be doing is using your Contact Us page as an opportunity to share all of your platforms and contact points with your customers.

You may create short blurbs about each platform and how you can help them through there so that they’re best served on a medium they prefer.

Emphasize your social media

Social media can make of break your ability to support customers.

A lot of people are turning to Twitter for customer service and support. Why? Because it’s easier than picking up the phone or waiting for an email response, and companies are more likely to respond in a positive manner since everything is public.

And that’s just from the customers’ perspective. If you customize Magento to showcase some of your social media platforms on your Contact Us page, you can use this trend to your advantage.

Create excellent customer service experiences when someone contacts you using Twitter or your social media and other customers will take notice! Not to mention you may get more followers, shares, and likes– all of which help with SEO.

Live up to your word

As a final note, your company should be focused on fast and great customer service. It’s the key to online success.

So live up to your word and make sure people using your Contact Us page end up satisfied and helped as soon as possible.

Use blocks to create a flow

Appearances matter.

Customize Magento to really get a layout that works for you, just like you’ve done with your shop layout and look.

This means you can use blocks and columns to create an information flow on your page to direct users to what they’re looking for.

The best part? You can tweak the appearance of this page through your Admin panel.

You can create visual interest and break up your Contact Us into sections that can serve as information centers for specific information.

These can even link to different pages for specific departments that can best address the questions that a customer may have.

In the end, you can get as creative as you want with the design of your Contact Us page so that you can offer as much support as possible to a returning customer or first-time user!

Create interest with graphics

Another method you could use to create a personalized Contact Us page is offering your customers an interesting visual to go along with your page.

For example, some travel companies benefit from using aerial shots of a big city or blue coastline on their Contact Us page.

In these cases, a graphic fits in with the company’s branding and it solidifies the purpose of the page and why they’re contacting you.

Give your customers a strong call to action

Having customers view your Contact Us page is simply not enough on its own. People could see all this information and still not know if they can be helped.

So make sure they know you’re there to support them and provide a strong call to action button.

These buttons ask users to select a product or service they’d be interested in or to promote a flash sale, for example. Basically, the goal is to get customers to click through and finish their sale.

But you can customize this tool for your Contact Us page to give customers a final push to actually reach out and contact you.

Check out Magento’s extensions

When it comes to being able to customize Magento to fit your needs, you should always take a look at the extensions that customers can use.

We recommend taking a look at the extensions specifically created to help customers get in contact with you.

If you have something specific in mind, chances are you can make it happen so that your Contact Us page fits what you believe your customers will be needing.

And because Magento is open source, meaning people can create their own extensions for others to use, there are always more being shared to make your customer experience even better.

Show them the world

If you have multiple locations or service areas across the world, why not include a map?

There are some great Magento extensions that can be used to enhance your Contact Us page and add another great personal layer to what customers are able to see.

Customize the visible map to give customers the ability to get directions to your locations or see where you ship to.

Make sure it works on mobile

One major part of any web store and something you should always customize Magento to help you with is making your company very mobile-friendly.

Check out how your website functions now with tools like Google’s mobile-friendly test to make sure customers can get information from your entire site on their phones.

And that your contact page is just as helpful on their phones as it is on their computers.

Since so many people are accessing businesses and their stores from their phones, this is one step for personalizing your website and Contact Us page that you don’t want to skip.

Find your perfect professional team

Don’t put too much on your plate by trying to balance running your business, product development, outreach, and figuring out how to customize Magento.

Remember that you always have the option to work with a team that specializes in helping businesses use Magento to their greatest advantage.

This means searching around for a company that understands your needs and can give you an end result that you’ll love.

M-Connect Media would love to help your company succeed with Magento, so don’t hesitate to check out our website or learn more from our blog!

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