How Can QR Codes Enhance the Retail Customer Experience?

August 25, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Since pandemic has changed business landscape like never before, it’s become necessity for eCommerce owners to deploy contactless services. And when it comes to delivering next-gen retail customer experience, retailers must find the gap between digital and physical stores. There’s no doubt that QR code is the first priority retailers choose to enhance the customer journey and facilitate the seamless shopping experience.

QR codes have been around for some time and the retail industry is benefiting from them more than standard barcodes. Since workers do not have to look up product information and check every item, it has become a powerful tool for warehouses. The only thing workers have to do now is scan the product since the code holds much information about the product. Thus, retail industry has reached a new level of advancement and efficiency.

An estimated 11 million households in the US alone will have scanned a QR Code in 2020, according to a recent survey by Statista. This would have been an increase from the estimated 9.76 Million scans in 2018.

The retailer customer is more concerned with QR codes these days and scans QR codes for every purchase. It is no secret that people prefer to scan because they like to save time and have a digital payment. These days, many retailers and eCommerce store owners have incorporated QR codes into their stores to make it easier for their customers.

One of the renowned and emerging technologies is QR code, which has revolutionized customer experiences and store conveniences. There was a time when people used to pay with credit cards or cash, but now they can just scan it and finalize their purchase in a matter of seconds. And it’s a revolution that’s shaking up the retail world or eCommerce market since what people want is convenience and they’re getting it easily.

What are the benefits of QR codes for your retail business?

COVID-19 was a nightmare for everyone around the world, and it still exists today. The pandemic has emptied owners’ pockets, no matter how big or small. In addition to online businesses, offline businesses are also suffering from the crisis.

Due to the pandemic, businesses have been closed and owners, as well as buyers, are sitting at home. The biggest brands have incorporated QR technologies to continue serving consumers and doing business. It is just peace of mind that any consumer and owner want to deal with daily strains.

  • Transacting with consumers directly and using contactless technology
  • A time-saving and effective method
  • Consumers prioritize modern technology
  • Ease of use for eCommerce stores
  • Personalize the shopping experience of customers

Top ways on how to use QR codes in retail stores to enhance customer experience

So far, you’ve learned what QR codes are and how they can benefit your retail business. Here are some ways to use QR codes to enhance the customer experience in retail stores.

1. Front of your store

As a storefront, QR codes are the best way to use them. Storefronts enhance visibility and attract customers to enter the store since they make the store more visible. In addition, by using QR as a storefront, you can help people play a game and win.

QR codes allow people to scan and win deals and discounts, which will encourage them to visit your store. The best way to increase your store traffic is to attract a lot of customers into your store with these strategies.

Adding text to the QR code is also important, as without call-to-action words, your QR will not drive results and that can be a major concern for your business.

2. In your store

In your store is the second and best way to place QR codes, since most people will shop inside the store and scan after making their final purchase. You can place QR codes on your products and make it easy for customers to scan and learn more about them.

Therefore, your customers will be happy to receive products at their home directly, so you can easily make them happy. A QR code allows your potential buyers to read comments from other buyers and make a purchase decision.

3. On the reception

Since everyone likes to inquire about and pay for products with QR codes, this is the best place to keep them. Let’s say you have an eatery or café where you can provide customers with a direct menu by scanning a code and giving them access to whatever they want.

QR codes have already been implemented by many brands and stores, and it’s no wonder customers are accustomed to them now. QR codes have become a priority for retailers and customers due to their role in making eCommerce more seamless.

This strategy has been taken up by many big eCommerce giants and brands, and no wonder customers are loving it.

4. On your products

People often struggle to understand product details, such as what a product is and how it can be useful to them. The best way to thank those customers is by attaching a QR code to a product, as they can easily access the information.

QR codes are key to attracting customers and winning their hearts since that’s how you can capture their attention. People like convenience and if you are one of a kind, chances are you will be chosen over anyone else.

5. To find your store

The last but not the least thing QR can do for you is to locate your store. If you direct your clients to your store easily, you won’t end up misleading them somewhere else. If your store code is linked with Google map or any third-party application, your customers won’t need to memorize the address of your store since they’ll be able to easily find you.

Sometimes, consumers have difficulty remembering the address of your store and if they have a QR code of your store, they won’t have a problem. Therefore, implementing QR codes is simply the best thing you can do for your customers.

Ending Up

A QR code in retail is a sure way to make changes in the industry since mobile technology has become the priority to reach, communicate, and convert customers in this smartphone era. We’ve compiled the best things you can do to improve customer experience and revenue.

Do you need help implementing QR codes in your store? M-connect Media can assist you. Our eCommerce experts know how to boost your store’s performance and convenience. For more information, please contact us.

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