Too Much Choice Can Make Your Visitors Confused

December 21, 2015 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Don’t make me think! Steve Krug’s book says all for you. Providing too much of an option to your shoppers make them confuse, overwhelmed and put them in a position where they unable to decide. If you are going the same way and finding difficulties in making big revenue with your eCommerce website then let me notify that your website is suffering from “Choice Paralysis”.

It is an epidemic problem from which a lot of websites are suffering and resulting revenue losses. Despite this very well-known phenomena of too much choices killing your sales volume, there are a lot of eCommerce stores that ignore this choice paralysis and continue to provide choices and put their visitors in think box of choosing paradoxes.

There are numbers of websites that come up with too many products in one category, complex methods of customizing products, overloaded sections of special offers and endless categories and sub categories of products. With these shortcomings, such websites suffer from low conversion rate and become unable to sell their products or services.

Your psyche behind providing the maximum number of choices is very simple that you want your customer to choose out of best. You try to provide all the alternatives that you have in your hands and at the same time your customers also want to have a wide range of alternatives so they can find most favorable and most suitable thing for them. It is not a wrong mentality at all, you are correct as per your psyche. Now you are providing as much option as you can, then why your customers don’t provide you huge sales volume with that maximum number of alternatives? Let’s find the answer on this,

Why Too Much Of Choices Cause Failure 

There are generally two kinds of visitors you are going to receive, Undecided visitors who came for shopping but they do not have any particular thing in mind, but they will buy if they will find something good in your store. And remaining part of shoppers are decided ones who have a mind set up and will surely buy that specific stuff.

Now when you attack on ‘Decided’ visitors with too much of choices, you will put the seeds of doubts in their mind. They feel like, Should they try something else or new? Was their choice is the best option? They knew what to buy and what is their choice but when you make them think and ask for another thought process, they will feel puzzled and leave your store getting annoyed.

For the other half of your shoppers who don’t have any pre-decided mind set up nevertheless want to buy something, when you drop them into the ocean of option your shoppers and visitors confuse and very often they get irritated with the way you make them busy with that much excessive work of choosing and put them in a conundrum.

Remedies for Choices Paralysis

It is never bad to provide more options as your shoppers deserve to see the variety of products that you have. But there must be a systematic way of its presentation. Let’s have a glance on some core strategies about how to present your wide range and good amount of options.

Clarify and Differentiate Between Choices

It can be very well accepted by your shoppers if you offer a good number of choices and clarify the difference between them in a completely defined as well as convincing manner. While entering products that are of same categories and just color or size is different, describe your product appropriately so that customer can differentiate. Another thing that you will have to consider is that you never overlap choices one on another. Providing clarity would help your shopper to analyze instead of getting confused.

Categorize Your Options

When you have too much of stuff to present in front of your shoppers then try to categorize your offerings. Being sectional will make your online store presentation better sic you are not going be messy and loaded on your page. It would also make you systematical. So categorizing and further sub-categorizing will improve your presentation and will heal your website from choice paralysis.

Hide Less Popular Choices

Demands of trends can never be manipulated, and you also need to keep all the range with you as you can trim down your offerings as per the choices. So we cannot remove your less popular products, but you can hide those less popular products to Improve eCommerce sales as it will provide clearer choice to your customers. This will also let you focus on your trend running and follow leading manias.

Provide Suggestions Not the Options

When you realize that your customers are facing choice paradox and overloaded with choices then the best thing to do at this moment is to help them with the suggestion in a course of action and by encouraging them. You can use one the most famous and old trick floated through a big majority in the form of providing ‘Special Offers’ or ‘Store Favorites’. This will also get you a bigger number of customers falling on your online store.

Don’t Impose, Let them decide

A universal truth for whole eCommerce world, shoppers will shop as per their choices, not as per your choice. Tend to pass all the responsibility of choosing to your visitors. The majority of users will make one choice and a very few users will would go for something different, so concentrate about majority and make a miss to these edge cases. Do not let majority suffer because of these less amount visitors.

Your shoppers might be asking you to provide you more choices but it just puts your visitors in temporary in control but afterward you start losing grip over them. With these problems and solutions in consideration you as being an online business owner will have to give a wide birth to choices.

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  1. Thanks for writing this wonderful post. It is a good reference that can be used during product display in store. It helps me to figure out how I can list my products.

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