What Is Magento Code Audit? Why you Should Regularly Audit your Code?

March 5, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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We all know the potential of a widely used Magento platform for building a feature-rich and highly customized eCommerce store. It allows new startups and entrepreneurs to build their full-fledged online store including their bespoke needs. Having a cutting-edge eCommerce store built on Magento will give you an edge over others that allow you to grow exponentially.

And for that, you need to constantly look out for issues and resolve them. Making sure that your Magento eCommerce store is always up-to-date, performance-focused, and secure has become absolutely necessary today. And solving Magento code issues is one way to start on that. To find what issues your Magento store has, the first step is to audit your Magento website. But what is Magento Code Audit?

What is Magento Code Audit?

Magento code audit is a detailed analysis of your Magento store’s core code, 3rd-party code, all custom codes, etc. to find all possible issues/bugs in security, performance, SEO, others. Magento code audit is conducting a thorough investigation of technical, SEO, server, and performance aspects. Through code audit, an expert will delve deep into your Magento store to uncover all the flaws and violations in standard coding.

Doing so will help us to solve those issues and make the Magento store errorless and bug-free, enhance its performance, and security protocols as well. Moreover, solving all the bottlenecks related to core Magento code will help you boost your store’s sales and revenue too. Thus, performing frequent code audit is vital to make sure the health of your Magento store.

Why Do You Need to Audit Your Magento?

If you have any of the following issues in your Magento store, then it is likely that you definitely need a Magento code audit.

  • Is your Magento store compliant with coding standards?
  • Have your Magento core code been modified?
  • Have you integrated 3rd-party modules in your store?
  • Is there any unused extension installed on your Magento?
  • Does store take too long to load?
  • Do you feel the performance of your store is suddenly went down?
  • Have you integrated custom Magento extensions?
  • Have you installed latest security patches?

If your answer to anyone of the questions above is either yes or I don’t know, then you must need to audit your Magento store.

Benefits of Magento Code Audit:

Auditing your Magento store has numerous benefits.

  • Auditing your Magento store will give you the overall health report of your website.
  • Provides you with a list of major and minor code issues.
  • Helps to figure out the plan to fix those issues.
  • You can develop a roadmap consisting of improvements and optimization hacks.
  • Identification of security loopholes and vulnerabilities become easy.
  • Helps to guide and follow the best coding practices.
  • Helps to gather actionable insights on core Magento.
  • Server configuration optimization recommendation.
  • Also, helps to identify unnecessary permissions.

Levels of Magento Code Audit:

Magento code audit is divided mostly into three levels: performance level, server level, and security level.

  • Performance Level Audit

In performance level audit, you must have to audit your server’s response to each page, cookie implementation, HTTP requests, 404 pages request, etc. Here, you’ll get recommendations to resolve if there is an issue with any of the performance aspect. In performance level audit, you’ll get a report stating recommendations on improving your web design, optimize the code scripts, and reduce the HTTP requests.

  • Server Level Audit

Auditing your server is also the most important aspect for you to make sure your Magento store is working fine and properly. Here you have to audit PHP files, MySQL files, Apache/Ngnix, and cache configuration settings. Prepare a report on each issues you’ll find. Based on the report, you can come up with suggestions to fix issues you have found.

  • Security Level Audit

In security audit of your Magento store, you’ll need eyes of an experts to identify any issues. Missing any subtle mistake could harm you in unimaginative ways. You’ll have to audit the latest security patches you’ve installed, server-side administration accounts, any unnecessary permissions to files and folders, or poor passwords. Based on the audit, you can implement the resolutions.

Why Regularly Audit Your Magento store?

Frequently auditing your Magento store will help you keep up with the latest updates and provides insights what going on with your Magento store. Here’re few reasons why you should audit your Magento store regularly.

1. Help to Keep Track of Performance

Doing so regularly will help you keep track of your performance. With time, your Magento store will start to have unexpected issues affecting the performance of your Magento store. Knowing what hinders the performance, you can find a permanent solution for your eCommerce store.

2. Keep Track of Core Code

Installing 3rd-party extensions or implementing custom codes may affect the core code of Magento. Thus, frequently checking the core code of your Magento store helps you to keep track of if there is any issues with and resolve it as quickly as possible.

3. Keep Track of Security Issues

Another benefit of regularly conducting code audit is to find out if your Magento store has proper security protocols. You can keep track of any malicious code injection in your store and remove it to make your Magento store stay safe.

4. Keep Track of SEO Issues

SEO is the backbone of your Magento store, thus, to make sure all the SEO aspects are working fine in your Magento store, frequently auditing is the only way. It help to keep track what issues your Magento store has to resolve them quickly.


All in all, frequently auditing your Magento store has many advantages. You can keep track of your of your performance, core code, security issues, and SEO aspect of your Magento store. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing an audit yourself, then hire experts like M-Connect Media. We offer flamboyant Magento Code Audit Service for Magento eCommerce stores. Our apt developer will conduct an extensive audit of your store and provide an in-depth review report consisting of insights, suggestions, and optimization hacks. Contact us now to get started today.

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