Wayfair, An Ecommerce Giant of US, Opened Technological Development Center in Bengaluru to Drive Global Innovation

September 21, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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wayfair an ecommerce giant of us opened technological development center in bengaluru

Wayfair’s new technology development center in Bengaluru will create numerous technical jobs to support. Wayfair’s primary markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

Wayfair – An Ecommerce Giant of United States

Wayfair, the Boston-based home décor eCommerce company, has opened its first technical development center in Bengaluru, India, covering the APAC region. This center will offer various technical positions, highlighting Wayfair’s commitment to technology.

Wayfair’s journey has been remarkable, positioning it as the digital leader in the home décor industry. It not only set industry standards but also drove technological innovation in this field. With the exceptional engineering talent at the India center, this unique approach has gained significant momentum.

The Goal of Wayfair’s India Technology Development Center (TDC) is to expand existing technology team and tap into unique talent that’s not easily found elsewhere. Bengaluru center currently has 100 IT experts on board and is expanding rapidly. By the end of the year, company goal is to have a team of about 250-300 professionals.

India’s booming Ecommerce supply chain industry is vital to our future growth. Kaila stated, So we’re hiring top-notch experts to ensure we have a strong and capable team in the market. Wayfair’s standout feature is its recommendation engine, which uses images to provide buyer suggestions.

Wayfair appointed Kaila, a former tech leader from Walmart with a base in Bengaluru, to lead the new center in October 2022. Prior to joining Walmart as Vice President of Engineering, Kaila had worked in Bengaluru for Intuit and Yahoo!

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Starting From Scratch

Wayfair’s entry into India was well-planned in every aspect. Besides having a strong group of supporters, they also put together a highly skilled leadership team to ensure the center’s success right from the start. The setup process was also swift.

Over the past four months, they worked closely with Zinnov, a global management consulting company, to speed up the start-up process. It involved legal, financial, talent and HR advice, or other regulatory matters, and to help with expansion.

Wayfair, which has usually valued speed over control, opted for a partnership approach and teamed up with Zinnov. Wayfair A firm with an exceptional understanding of the market, to handle uncertainties and stay focused on technology, which is at the core of business.

Bengaluru – A Popular Destination

Kate highlighted the differences compared to other places worldwide where the concentration of e-commerce isn’t as specific as in Bengaluru when explaining why the company chose Bengaluru for its Global Capabilities Hub. It’s unique because while there are other tech hubs, the talent pool becomes spread thin across various industries.

When it comes to talent, especially for e-commerce, I can’t think of a better place than Bengaluru,” said Fiona Tan, CTO of Wayfair, who recently spoke at one of India’s major tech conferences. Bengaluru, which is arguably more advanced than the United States, is a hub of innovation and inspiration.

The Future of Wayfair in India

Wayfair plans to expand its presence in the markets it currently serves, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. Interestingly, only 25% of these markets are currently accessible online.

While market share has been growing steadily, there’s still a lot of untapped potential,” said Gulliver. “In the United States, we’re also aiming to become multi-channel and will be opening a physical retail store in the spring of 2024.

Gulliver talked about the importance of Wayfair’s supply network, which has been a significant advantage. The team in India has working on building an efficient supply chain and granting 20,000 suppliers’ access to company’s platforms.

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They believe approach to supporting suppliers in expanding and enhancing businesses is quite special. They need to have easy and quick access to platforms. While growth in markets is a priority, we will rely on team in India to help fulfil goals and commitments.

Wayfair is one of the newer global companies to set up an office in India. According to the Zinnov-Nasscom GCC 4.0 study, there are more than 1,580 GCCs (Global Capability Centers) in India. With over 150 companies establishing themselves there in the past three years alone.

This growth shows how the Indian IT ecosystem has become advanced. Thanks to the presence of ecosystem enablers like service and consulting businesses such as Zinnov, which also support the GCC as a service model.

Today, it’s not only Fortune 500 companies but also next-generation tech companies like Wayfair. They want to establish a presence in India to take advantage of the Benefits this ecosystem offers.


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