Expert Recommended Tips and Tweaks to be Agile in Your Small Business

June 25, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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When we say agile, the first thing that usually comes to mind is approaching how your business quickly and effectively responds to the ever-changing environment in which your business operates. However, small businesses must become agile.

Before the outbreak, agility was already on its way to become one of the favorite professional buzzwords of the past decades. Then pandemic struck, and businesses were left with no other choice but to pivot based on changes to their niches and the moving customer landscape.

We can understand the importance of agility for small businesses as they are often desired but somehow not easily implemented. Although start-ups or innovative organizations founded many of the agile principles we have come to know today, we would venture to say that in today’s business world of agile transformations, we don’t hear much about agile adoption in small businesses.

What are the Aspects of Being Agile?

To understand agile, we will discuss some aspects of agile and how it is the best fit for business.

So, the first aspect of being agile is building relationships, whether it’s between business to customers and the business to employees. The purpose is to make a business where relationships and communication are performed effectively and efficiently.

In an agile business, there should be a focus on building a product in incremental steps and getting reviews from your customers to make tweaks and enhancements on the product as you develop it.

Collaboration with customers is key to understanding the customer’s needs and wants and working towards creating a product that satisfies these.

There should be changes to any fixed plan as an agile business can respond to changes quickly and accurately. To make sure they respond well, agile use data to changes experienced within the business and outside the business.

Tips & Tweaks to move Your Business Faster

As a small business owner in a fast-growing environment, the chances are low that you work toward and anticipate future growth. However, no matter how good you are at handling many things at a time, dealing with a sudden influx of demand for your products or services can be exhausting. And this can lead you to confusion about what’s on the other side or next. In such case, to move your business fast and scale up quickly, we will discuss some tips and tweaks that will help you as a small business owner.

1. You can’t wear many hats

As a small business owner, you are used to wearing many hats. To scale your business, you need to learn to stop being multitasking.

What should you do then?

  • Identify what you like the most, or you don’t do well at it
  • Find someone else to do instead
  • Celebrate and profit

2. You are not a Billionaire (save money)

When your business is performing well, you have a lot of cash, so there is a tendency to let them use in same expenses pile up, regardless of whether they provide accountable value. However, instead of wasting them, you must create systems for holding every ad dollar accountable to ROI. Ultimately, try to save money and spend wisely.

3. You have to build a trustworthy team

They say individually; we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Yes, the most important element to scaling a small business is to hire a squad. But don’t hire to hire; try to find a person who can match your mind and compete with your competitor, ask a hard question during recruiting, and take multiple rounds of hiring to define if the potential team member can truly handle the real-world tasks the job.

Make sure you hire a candidate who helps you achieve your and your organization’s mission. To be precise, hire candidates who have the capability of performing well in every situation and always ready for the challenges.

4. Make sure your customers are happy

It is essential to keep up with demand or trends to make sure customers are happy. At the same time, communication with the customer is important as you need to update everything, whether by social media or website.

Also, make sure you work on quality products rather than being county to earn and sell more. Never compromise quality over quantity.

5. Your website should handle huge traffic

You need a website that can handle immersive traffic because that’s a place where you will get a chance to capture leads. It is not decided that you will get certain traffic numbers a day or night; there’s no surety for that. So, be ready to handle huge traffic and leads.

6. Your mistakes are lessons

Yes, mistakes are the sign that you are not giving up; what if that comes some pain and keeping you down every time. Meanwhile, make the mindset that mistakes and shortcomings are chances seems to allow you to move forward. Don’t be upset with the failure; happy with the opportunities.

7. You need to find your growth

Growth is always upon you because how you will bootstrap your growth decide what you will achieve. So, make sure you don’t spend time on understanding benefits and trade-offs because that decision will almost lead to very different outcomes, for better or worse.

8. You should create effective process

Creating an effective process may not sound exciting, but doing this will help you define flaws, remove duplicated tasks, define proper workload and address areas that need more eye. Your small business will grow in an organized, professional manner and make sure that quality is not underestimated even in times of rapid growth.

9. Start small but smart

One of the best reasons agile works is that it is incremental, a step by steps leading toward the final goal. Segmenting your goals into steps can help you track progress and detect when work is going off the tracks or is behind schedule.

To measure, make sure you double-check your goals, both big and small, to ensure they are smart; on point, on-time, and on-focus.

What are the benefits of being agile in small businesses?

It has already been said that agile for eCommerce is the best fit, and there are many benefits of it. The following are the same.

  • Quicker speed
  • Noticing market changes
  • Better product quality
  • Less risk, more profit
  • Happier customers

Winding Up

To summarize, being agile is nothing but a mindset or approach that’s all about having the courage and team in place to make your growth as seamless as possible. We hope you got the tips and tweaks mentioned above to move your business faster and ready to scale up quickly.

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