How to Make Copywriting for Ecommerce Sales-Ready

December 24, 2020 Written By Hemant Parmar

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You’ll find conflicting advice on how should you approach copywriting for your eCommerce store’s landing and other pages. While one will say that keep them short, create urgency & FOMO to drive traffic & sales, others want you to write a detailed copy with a clear picture. Doing so will help visitors to understand the product & why they need it.

They can be perfectly right with their advice however, they are based on anecdotal experience of decades. But in today’s modern era, no one can guarantee which way of copywriting is better. Then what should you do? Well, you can do one thing for sure. Try different versions of your eCommerce pages or landing pages to see which works best for your audience.

But it’ll be a long & time-consuming process. Other option is to go on the internet and find best approach for copywriting. Okay, let me give you an easy option. We have come up with the best copywriting approach based on the data trends so you don’t have to go someplace else and it won’t take too long to implement. But first, let’s understand what is eCommerce copywriting?

What is Ecommerce Copywriting?

Ecommerce copywriting is text content written for driving more traffic & visitors and compel them to take action. Copywriting is all about writing persuasive content for product pages, landing pages, headlines, category pages, descriptions, promo offers, etc.

The goal of copywriting is to bring more sales by explaining the benefits of the product or services. Also, it should help the page to rank better on search engines.

How to Craft a Compelling Copy for Your Ecommerce?

Now, let’s get into how you can write a compelling copy for your eCommerce.

1. Know Your Customers:

Without knowing and understanding who is your customer and what do they want, writing a compelling copy for eCommerce is a tough nut to crack. Researching about customers helps you to stay focused throughout the copywriting process and be more specific.

The first place to start off the customer research is to look for customer testimonials on competitors’ sites. Based on those testimonials try creating buyer personas that represent your ideal customers and write copy to influence them. Once you have created ideal buyer personas, you can use them to target that specific segment of customers and influence them directly based on their beliefs, interests, opinions, etc.

2. Influence with Compelling Brand Story:

Everyone wants to hear a great story, it’s in our nature. A compelling brand story can hook your customers & influence them to take action. But that’s only possible when the story is believable. And the more believable your story is, the more frequently shoppers will shop in your store. But how to tell a story with your eCommerce copywriting?

A well-crafted story consists of the following aspects:

  • The protagonist of your story is your customer.
  • The conflict they want to solve.
  • They have struggled to find a solution.
  • And you are offering them the perfect solution they need.
  • The moral of the story is everyone lives happily ever after.

You can use other storytelling formulas that work best for your eCommerce business and help to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

3. Don’t Write Too Long Sentences:

The person who cooks the food, can’t tell how it is. Same way, we sometimes tend to read copy so much quicker in our minds without realizing it can be challenging for first-time readers. If so, then how to find your copy is hard to read or not? Well, try reading out loud to yourself or a colleague if possible. If you find that it takes you longer to read out loud than reading in your head, it needs improvements.

Use tools to find the average words per sentence ratio. If it is more than 20, then your copy has a higher level of reading difficulty. Try to bring it down to 15-20 for ease of reading. The wordy sentences in your copywriting, especially having so much business jargon, kills the essence of it. Thus, cut down on the unnecessary words that don’t add value to your copy.

4. Focus on Benefits:

Most of your customers might not have the technicality to understand all the features of your products. So they’ll feel bored when reading out the tens of features your products or services offer. They won’t care how many features you offer or how many more features your product offer compared to the competitors.

All they need to know is how all those features will benefit them & ease their lives. Thus, your eCommerce copy must be written focusing on the benefits it provides to the users. Benefit-oriented eCommerce copies tend to sell more.

5. Use Action Words:

The main goal of copywriting is to bring more visitors to your website & compel them to take action such as Buy Now, Add to Cart, Subscribe Now, Enroll Now, etc. Action words are something that makes visitors do something on your page after they have read your copy.

And it’s not necessary to place these action words in your CTAs only. Sprinkle them wherever necessary. Start your sentence with verbs that ask readers to take action and make them feel more engaged with your copy.

6. Include Keywords for Better SEO:

As we said earlier that your eCommerce copy is primarily written for your ideal customers. And that’s completely right. However, your copy is also written for the search engine bots. In your eCommerce copy, you should include keywords that help increase the page ranking & can bring more organic traffic to your website.

There are tools available that’ll help you with the research of high-volume keywords, long-tail keywords, and others. Another way to enhance the organic traffic is by including a blog into your content marketing strategy.

7.   Write Short Paragraphs & Use Bullet Points:

Long paragraphs with tons of text-filled in them are tedious to read and may intimidate your shoppers at a first glance. Instead, what should you do is organize your eCommerce copy using bullet points. Using bullets will make your copy more readable & improve its scannability.

This type of writing style comes in handy when you have a long list of product details to highlight to customers. Few other benefits of the same are,

  • Bullet points help you to group ideas together & cut down on the redundant text.
  • They add more whitespace & breathing room to a page.
  • Also, they are more visually appealing.
  • They take less space on mobile compared to big text blocks, making them easy to read on mobile devices.


Copywriting for eCommerce is way different than writing any other content for blogs, social media, or others. High-quality content can help bring more traffic to your website. But if the content copy on your eCommerce website is not compelling enough, then you’ll lose on the conversion part. And to help you with that, we have prepared a guide on how to make your eCommerce copywriting sales-ready.

Consult our eCommerce experts if you need more help with eCommerce copywriting tactics or for any other need of yours.

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