government's balanced and regulatory approach to ecommerce business

Ecommerce has grown fast in India, and it has made a big positive impact on the country’s economy. It has changed the way millions of people shop and brought job opportunities. It has also given small sellers and smaller businesses more power.

But to make sure ecommerce can reach its full potential, the people in charge should think about making the rules stronger to help it grow even more.

The ecommerce revolution in India has made things better for small sellers and smaller businesses. Before, they had some problems like needing more money to run business and not being able to sell to lots of people.

But now, they can use digital marketplaces to reach customers all over the country. This helps them compete with bigger companies because it lowers costs and makes things fairer for everyone. This helps them use their money and time better.


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E-commerce doesn’t just help businesses in their country, but it also lets them sell things to people worldwide. As stated in 2023 Foreign Trade Policy, it has become simpler and profitable for businesses to sell products to other nations through e-commerce.

The digital part of ecommerce has made it easier for small businesses to get loans. When people buy things online, it creates data that can show how reliable they are with money. This makes it easier for small businesses to get money to grow and do better.

E-commerce has changed how people shop in India. It makes things easy and gives lots of choices at good prices. People can read about products, see reviews, and return things easily if they’re not happy.

The e-commerce industry has shown how businesses can grow and become successful. In the past few years, many companies have done really well by selling things online. Just like app stores helped mobile-focused companies, online platforms have helped businesses that started online.

Because of the ecommerce boom, there are lots of ways for people to make money. They can do things like delivering packages, working in warehouses, helping customers, packing things, and doing digital marketing. This flexible idea has given jobs to many people in India, like students, moms who stay at home, and retired professionals.


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The government in India has been trying to protect physical stores, but it has made things interesting. Now, most of these stores also sell things online. Small businesses that don’t sell online yet need help and knowledge to join the digital world and be part of the country’s economy. The Prime Minister said that the government shouldn’t be running businesses, and that’s true.

To make things better for businesses in the digital age, the government should make fewer rules and help create a good system. They should support businesses instead of watching over them. These kinds of policies will make companies want to come up with new ideas and grow. However, It might even make India rank higher globally and help more people start own businesses, which is good for the whole country.

We should think of online marketplaces as partners for small sellers and smaller businesses. To get more involved in e-commerce, we need to make the internet stronger, give more people access to it, and teach more people about using it. Moreover, People who want to start businesses should be encouraged to be part of the official economy.

E-commerce can be really good for customers, small sellers, and smaller businesses. It can also create lots of jobs for people. There are other businesses that benefit from e-commerce too, like storage places, shipping companies, and factories. If we make good rules and policies, India can grow its economy and develop in a good way.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the contributions of eCommerce to the economic development?

E-commerce can be really helpful in many ways. It can make things cheaper, faster, and easier. One good thing about e-commerce is that it saves time and makes it easier to buy and sell things all over the world. This helps the economy grow and allows more things to be made and sold to other countries.

  • What is the role of government in developing eCommerce?

A lot of people have been waiting to use their creative skills because they want rules to be made to keep their work safe. The government plays a really important role in protecting creative ideas and inventions. Moreover, People who come up with new things want to be sure that their hard work won’t go to waste.

  • What is the role of eCommerce in business economic?

People who go to real stores buy things from companies with physical buildings. But when a business uses e-commerce, they can sell their products to anyone who can get on the internet. E-commerce can also help a company reach more customers and make their consumer base bigger.

  • What is the economic impact of eCommerce in India?

In India, the internet economy is expected to grow a lot. It could go from $125 billion in 2017 to $250 billion by 2020, with a big part of that coming from e-commerce. They think that e-commerce in India will make $39 billion in 2017 and then go up to $120 billion in 2020. That means it will grow really fast, even faster than anywhere else in the world, at 51% each year.

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