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December 7, 2015 Written By M-Connect Media

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We all know, Magento being a popular eCommerce Platform becomes top most choice of eCommerce Store development. Lots of reading materials are available online, adding to them is one launched by Viktor Khliupko from the Firebear team earlier this month named as ‘Magento DIY’. This complete book guides how to build an eCommerce Store from scratch and convert into Enterprise-level eCommerce Store.

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Overview of Magento DIY Book

This book is targeted to all types of audiences like developers, merchants and marketing specialists even without requiring any special coding skills. This book is not made for beginners, instead for those merchants who are already on Magento platform and wants to learn about extensions and solutions. Buying this 280 pages book is a worth to learn all various aspects of Magento including add-ons and better implementing them to configure that your eCommerce Store is working well.

The book contains fives chapters starting from

  • Setup
  • Sales Generation
  • Growth
  • Enterprise
  • Custom Magento Development

Viktor and his Firebear team has best explained the book contents by including Magento modules, services, plugins, add-ons, extensions and much more.

What you learn from this book?

Chapter 1: Setup 

This chapter introduces the concepts of how to setup your new eCommerce Store.

  • Procedures to Download and Install Magento
  • How to use Templates and Extension?
  • Available Payment Gateways and Shipping
  • Improving Performance
  • Implementing Security
  • SEO Optimization
  • Pre-launch of eCommerce website 

Chapter 2: Sales Generation 

This chapter includes the topics of various marketing strategies that would help in driving traffic and involve in advertisement campaigns. 

  • Track Marketing Campaign
  • Availability of various traffic sources
  • Advertising through various mediums; Banner Ads, Adwords, Social Media and SMM campaign
  • Best blogging platforms available for marketing

Chapter 3: Growth 

This chapter includes the topics of converting your visitors (as mentioned in previous chapter) into buyers. All the major marketing topics are well covered in this chapter.

  • Methods available for Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Card Abandonment Alert Modules
  • Providing Referral and Affiliate Programs
  • Extensive Customer Support
  • Performing A/B Testing to improve website performance
  • Other Management strategies to improve eCommerce store 

Chapter 4: Enterprise 

This is the most interesting chapter of the book stating the ways of incorporating Magento Enterprise Edition to your Magento Community platform.

  • Converting Magento Enterprise Edition features to Magento Community platforms
  • Implementing additional improvements like Multi-channel marketing PIM, ERP, CRM, SAP, Drop-shipping, B2B, Multi-vendor marketplace and Dynamic pricing

Chapter 5: Custom Magento Development 

Defines the various platforms available to hire qualified and certified Magento Developers


We suggest reading this ‘Magento DIY Book’ as it is a complete guide to explain Magento eCommerce platform for both merchants and marketers, but also suitable for the Magento developers who want to learn new tips and techniques. The book explains every important details in user-friendly way that is easily understood. After reading this book, every reader will be able to work without any help.

You can buy from this link: Magento DIY book by Viktor Khliupko

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  1. Well written review. We also think that this book is a great beginning for the newbies who will get an understanding of what the Magento is all about and its various settings. Even the experienced store owners can read this book to run their store.

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