How Magento Initiative can be Helpful to Small eCommerce Businesses?

July 22, 2015 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Small Business Magento Initiative

Magento, one of the most popular e-commerce software, has recently launched a robust solution for small business owners which is small business Magento. This Magento initiative is a boon to small business owners and we are getting lot of queries on how to use small business Magento platform  for their businesses so we decided to post about what this initiative is all about. This is the option which gives you same power of Magento at a cost effective way. So if you are one of the many small or medium business owners, you are definitely in for a treat.

After discarding Magento Go, the Magento team had decided to give the e-commerce world a better version so they spent enough time and energy in launching this platform and superbly came back with a bang.

What Magento has Offered to Small Businesses?

After doing a lot of research, Magento has found that small businesses require a solution which is less in price and can offer advance features, so they came-in through Pixafy which uses Magento as a software as a service (SaaS).

Unlike Shopify, BigCommerce or Volusion, Magento gives you n number of options to modify your site and you can develop your site the way you want. You can also go for a Blugento SaaS Do-It-Yourself partner which is ready to go online solution and doesn’t require any programming or designing skills. Or else, you can choose Do-It-For-Me partners who can give complete professional solution for your site.

More about Pixafy – A Do It Yourself Platform

At $89 a month you can make eCommerce websites using Pixafy. It lets you build the site exactly the way you want too. You can run your business without any issues. Pixafy’s free customer service is always there to help you. You can contact them.

Why Should You Choose Small Business Magento?

The Magento team has always aimed at assisting e-merchants since beginning. You do not necessarily have to won a large, multi-brand site to be a hit in the e-commerce market, and the best way to do this is by choosing Small Business Magento. So here are some of the best Reasons Why eCommerce Start Ups Should opt for Magento.

Let’s See How Magento eCommerce Solution is Useful

  • Boost Sales

Small Business Magento, enables your site to work efficiently without any glitches, thus boosting your sales and making your business boom.

  • Pull in Traffic to your Site

The fast pages loads, easy to use CMS, shopping carts and a number of other features attract customers to your site! By installing Small Business Magento you will be able to pull in large number of customers to your site.

  • Cost Effective

Magento has made sure that every e-commerce business owner is able to use their product and save up. Small Business Magento can be installed at a reasonable price, thus proving to be highly cost-effective

  • Will help you Reach a Global Market

Reach out to the world with Small Business Magento. It gives you facilities that help you reach out to the world from your office.

  • Faster Page Loads

There is nothing as damaging as a slow page load. Visitors take roughly around 5 seconds to decide whether they wish to stay on the site or move on. Small Business Magento speeds up your page load and helps you retain your visitors for longer

It also provides features like…

  • Latest eCommerce Website Designs that attract customers
  • Marketing tools to get reach to your Target Audience
  • Integrate your apps easily with your websites
  • A full-fledged store management system that makes your Magento website
  • A number of Payment solutions for your customers
  • An in-built reporting dashboard.

Now the question is how to implement your ideas in to your site? You might need assistance from developers or programmers to code it and manage your site on behalf of you. You can hire Magento developer or a Magento agency from Magento’s Partner directory. Find more details below.

What is Magento Partner Directory?

Magento’s Partner Directory brings together all developers and programmers, website designers and firms that will assist you and can manage your site. You name it and Magento’s got it for you. The reason behind this group is to encourage and help small business owners to reach their goals. It is free for them and can be used at any stage of your eCommerce site development project. Also, you can hire professionals from every stream of eCommerce.

To be a part of the Magento family log on to You can contact us by sending your queries and our team will help you on how to utilize this small business Magento platform at earliest. It is the initiative that believes in bringing together eCommerce owners from all over the world. Be it a small business or a big one, Magento believes in serving everyone equally and efficiently.

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  1. After shutting down of Magento go, this small business Magento is pure bliss. Great information about this initiative.

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