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ONDC is presently the buzz of the town, with users tweeting images of their orders and comparing them to Swiggy and Zomato. ONDC provides meals at a lower cost than Zomato and Swiggy. However, consumers are also pointing out the shortcomings of the government’s e-commerce site. Here’s what the problem is and how to order from ONDC.

What Exactly Is ONDC?

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a network built on open protocols. This Platform would allow any network-enabled application to identify. It engages in local commerce across areas such as mobility, shopping, food order and delivery, hotel booking, and travel, among others.

The platform aspires to provide new possibilities and reduce digital monopolies. It also assists micro, small, and medium firms, and small merchants, in gaining access to online platforms. Moreover, It is a project of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

It is an open technology network built on open protocols that will allow any network-enabled application to identify and engage in local commerce across categories such as mobility, shopping, food order and delivery, hotel booking, and travel.

The platform enables buyers and sellers to interact and trade online, independent of the applications they use. To conduct a transaction, buyers, and sellers do not need to utilize the same platform or mobile app. They can utilize several applications while still doing commercial activities.

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ONDC Key Features

ONDC, an e-commerce UPI, aims to democratize digital or electronic commerce by transitioning it from a platform-centric approach to an open-network model. Merchants will be able to preserve their data through ONDC in order to create credit history and approach consumers.

The planned government-backed platform attempts to level the playing field for e-commerce behemoths such as Amazon and Flipkart, as well as offline retailers who have complained about these e-tailers’ unfair trade practices. The platform will also be compatible with the Information Technology Act of 2000, as well as the upcoming Personal Data Protection Bill.

ONDC intends to make merchants and buyers digitally visible and transactional via an open network, independent of the platform or application used. It will also empower merchants and customers by breaking down silos to build a unified network.

The new framework intends to promote open networks built on open-sourced methodologies, with open specifications and open network protocols that are platform-independent.

It is planned to digitize the whole value chain, standardize procedures, encourage supplier involvement, improve logistical efficiency, and increase customer value.

ONDC provides access to more customers, more discoverability of products and costs, terms autonomy owing to multiple options for digitally visible, cheaper cost of conducting business, and extra possibilities for value chain services such as shipping and fulfillment.

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When and where will ONDC operate?

The ONDC is already piloting its program in five Indian cities: Bengaluru, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Bhopal, and Shillong. It wants to reach roughly 100 cities by August and expand its reach beyond the existing five cities. The program is currently in beta testing with only 5 merchants and a small number of buyers.

What is the significance of ONDC?

ONDC will aid in breaking up monopolies and expanding the reach of small businesses. It will also assist in increasing the number of buyers available to all merchants on the network. This program will so benefit both new and existing buyers.

ONDC, according to the government, will aid in the elimination of predatory pricing in high-margin, high-value items.

How to Place An Order With ONDC?

Step 1: To place an order with ONDC, go to their website at

Step 2: After viewing the website, go to the homepage and click on the ‘Shop on ONDC’ option.

Steps 3: Select a platform through which you wish to order and click on ‘Shop Now’. Paytm, Mystore, Craftsvilla, To Life Bani, Meesho, Pincode, and Maginpin are the platforms that are now available.

Step 4: Select the things you want and place them in the order you would on other platforms.

Step 5: Pay your bill. It’s finished!

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On the internet, users reported ordering burgers from both Swiggy/Zomato and ONDC. The price difference was almost 60%. Swiggy/Zomato charged around Rs 282 for a burger, whereas ONDC charged around Rs 109.

However, numerous consumers also mentioned the ONDC’s disadvantages.  Users argue that because Paytm ONDC manages Magicpin, why not simply order through Magicpin?

People are complaining about the lack of customer service, the lack of cash on delivery, the lack of order tracking, the price difference being less than Rs 10 on average, the lack of cancellation, and the requirement to change the address every time you purchase.

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