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Refund Policy of M-Connect Solutions, Inc.


Following terminologies are used in our refund policy:

The use of the words customer, you and you're referring to the person that reads this policy and accepts it. The Company, we, our and us are used essentially to address M-Connect Solutions, Inc. A product is the term used to mention the Magento extensions and eCommerce supplies of M-Connect Solutions, Inc. Both singular and plural forms are used in the content of this website.

This refund policy is designed only for the products and services of M-Connect Solutions, Inc. We would like you to know about some exception cases, which include installation, development and support which are our none refundable services. The only exceptional to this rule are the aspects mentioned in the terms and conditions page.

Process for refund

Customers are entitled to make request for refund within 30 days of the date of purchase. The time period may vary in accordance with the refund time of the actual developer of the extension. In addition, to this if customer wants refund then they should uninstall the extension and delete all instances of it wherever installed. The deletion of all copies and the original extension should be within 5 calendar days starting from the day you initiate the refund process.

Basic Reasons for not agreeing to refund request

  • If the request is made after 30 days have passed from the actual date of purchase.
  • In case, the customer does not uninstall the extension and delete all its copies within 5 calendar days starting from the day of refund request.
  • In case, we find the proofs of the customer copying the code of the extension and reproduces it without the consent of the supplier i.e. us.
  • In case if customer modified the extensions.
  • In case if customer took our help and then asking for refund.


Any losses occurring due to the use of refunded product cannot be blamed on the supplier. It can be any form of loss like information or business profits etc. The supplier is not responsible for it.

Changes to the Refund Policy

M-Connect Solutions, Inc. reserves all rights to edit, modify or revise the refund policy without notifying any person or organization. It is solely our right and the information about changes can be gathered by making an enquiry to the concerned authorities.

The refund would be in accordance with the rules of the third party, which is the original manufacturer. Conditions, procedure, exceptions and policy rules would be in alliance with the rules of the manufacturer.

It normally takes just 10 days after the date of confirmation to refund your money. Kindly bear with us and cooperate.