Magento Store Launch Process

Launch of the store is done after a methodical scrutiny has been set in by our Magento developers through testing and QA. Once that is accomplished, a final review is done to ensure there are no loopholes and the final launching of the Magento website is done. Additionally, a training session to the business owner is also provided which will help him run the store in an effortless manner.

STEP 7: Launch of the Magento Store

  •   Testing & QA
  •   Final review
  •   The launching process
  •   Training & Support


It is indeed a matter of pride for us when we think about the standards we have set for ourselves in the Magento website design and development arena in terms of quality output. Until and unless our developers and designers are satisfied, we do not hand over the website to our clients. Once we are fully satisfied with the final output we will take it forward for the launch. You will now have the all new and better website that has the ability to draw more number of customers.

Testing and QA

We will work towards establishing and affirming the quality of the website that has been developed and that too for the final time. We will tax the new system heavily to test it; we will click on all the links and push all the buttons till we arrive at a satisfaction that once the website goes live, it will perform in a seamless and smooth manner.

Final review

We know that once we launch, any error, any mistake takes a lot to be set right. That is the basic reason why we go in for a final review and seek an approval. Once we have established that there are no kinks at all, we will take you through a comprehensive tour of the website. When you arrive at a stage of complete satisfaction and when you are thoroughly pleased we will go on to the launch process.

The launching process

There is quite a complicated process during the launch. But this is nothing for you to worry as our expert team is there to handle all those minute hiccups that may arise during this stage. Code compression, shipping and other tax minutiae are all something which our experts can handle with great ease.

Training & Support

Before we launch the store, we will have an in-depth training session. It is not worth having a website at all when the business owner is not aware of how to run the store. When you attend our training session, you will definitely be glad that all your employees can now comfortably use the new software easily than they did with the earlier one. We will ensure that there is no loss of efficiency once the website goes live.