Top Ways to Turn Negative Customer Reviews into Positive Results

June 30, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Undoubtedly, we work so hard to get positive reviews for a business. And it is easy to understand why we all want five-star reviews; we all do. But at the same time, we need to think about negative reviews as well.

Google is one of the finest search engines we have, and when users take to this popular search engine to find products and services, business listings appear, along with recent reviews with starred ratings and comments.

Do you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends? Well, it is easy to say that reviews impact a lot on finding new customers, whether it’s positive or negative. So yes, as a business owner, you have to respond to google reviews and communicate with customers. You can either respond to Google review via your computer device or a mobile device through your Google my business account.

We often say good vibes only, but why we don’t think about bad vibes too. Let’s understand that by taking an example of business, we always hungry for good reviews rather than thinking about how to turn negative reviews into positive ones.

Negative reviews may surprise you, but they don’t need to be scary. It all boils down to the way you approach them.

In this post, we will discover different ways you can turn negative reviews into positive results. But, first, let’s review why negative reviews are not to break out in a cold sweat.

Why Shouldn’t You Worry About Negative Reviews?

We don’t have the power to stop getting negative reviews, but we always have a way to deal with it. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, there will always be negative reviews posted about your business. Negative reviews shouldn’t cause anxiety but should be a moment to enhance your brand and customer service.

Well, you believe it or not, but there was a time where we used to rely on our friends and relatives for testimonials. But, the time has changed, now we rely on many factors to make our final decision about companies.

You will be more surprised by hearing that negative reviews are also beneficial. Yes, it’s like iron cuts iron because Google isn’t only looking at the positive reviews while ranking any website. Google looks at different factors when it comes to reviews, they include how many reviews you receive and the quality of reviews you receive.

Because negative reviews, ones that include well-crafted responses, add to the total number of quality reviews your business has, they can help improve your ranking, as long as the number of positive reviews outweighs the negative ones.

  • Show You Real 

It doesn’t mean you are a fake! In today’s time, where Fake has become fancy, most people are suspicious of anything that seems too real to be true. So, if most of your reviews are positive, chances are high you will be considered a non-legit and might suspect your business is somehow gaming the review system. Hence, occasional negative reviews can be very useful, and your business seems real to today’s customers while enhancing their desire to patronize your business.

  • Everything Bad’s Not Bad

Yes, because if every review we get is positive, we will not identify what’s going wrong, and there will be no room for improvements. It should also be noted that negative reviews can help you find flaws in your business.

We have to make a note of complaints or problems customers make in these types of reviews. For example, if a review we get in a comment is short and provides little information, we can still reach out to customers hoping they’d be willing to discuss the problem in detail. Without these problems, we will never find if a customer is satisfied or not, and we will not have a chance to win them back.

How to Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Results?

If you want to turn negative reviews into positive results, you need to change how you respond to such reviews. It is always best to have a good person assume responsibility for responding to these types of reviews. It will mean a lot more to the customer if a responsible person is addressing their concerns.

When you respond, make sure that you seek our detailed reviews that contain a lot about you and your business. Again, it will help if you start by addressing the customer’s name and thanking them for taking the time to review your business.

It would help if you pointed any negative remarks they made immediately after. Take it as a lesson or opportunity and admit fault where appropriate, and don’t make excuses. Let the customer or reviewer know how you have listened to them and come with a solution.

Top ways to turn Negative Customer Reviews into Positive:

1. Assume it’s for your betterment

Consider any reviews for your betterment. Especially if you weren’t aware of anything, you weren’t performing well enough. Chances are, if they post reviews, they want to help; they want your business to make better. And most likely, it is just about your work, not you. The fact of the matter is this: they might like you, they might be dislikes, and they might accompanying opinions.

2. Accept the Challenge

As above said, take it as a lesson and take ownership of the negative reviews you just heard to improve your weaker skills. Rather than letting it affect you, ask specifics on what you can do more and whether it’s okay or not. Be proactive!

3. Learn From the Mistake

It is always tough to keep track of everything, especially business, where many things need to be done at a time. Negative reviews help businesses spot the few missing links in their daily operations. This is one of the greatest things negative reviews.

What you can do is pay attention, and learn from the mistake and use it as a chance to improve. Then, people will notice and will appreciate a company that is willing to adapt to their needs.

4. Turn negative reviews into positive results.

You might get confused by this phrase, you are right, but you aren’t! Well, sometimes, some of the errors lamented by customers in negative reviews may be their fault. This can happen when they don’t know the actual product you have created, for example.

No matter what the issue is, you can help them correct their mistake by explaining and sending a tutorial. This is how you can cater to their needs and turn their negative reviews into positive results.

Summing Up!

As you can see, negative reviews aren’t the end of the story, nor do they have the power to ruin your business image. If you are a smart individual and follow the tips given in this post, you can use them to benefit and benefit by improving your marketing strategy.

Want to know how to deal with negative reviews? M-connect Media can help you. Consult our business experts and know more about how you can turn negative reviews into positive results. Get in touch with us for more information!

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