Top Selling Days to Boost your Website Orders - Holiday Sales USA 2021

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For any online eCommerce store, the primary motto is to focus on consumers’ needs and boost sales respectively. Owning an online eCommerce store, you must have to leverage different days that are coming in years to boost your sales by offering discounts. That is the reason most online storekeepers think of tempting plans that keep customers connected on the sites. As every business is different also their struggles, and thus to gain the attention of the customers you required lots of work to make your campaign successful. And it to make it fruitful you must have to plan it at the year start. In this way, shortlisting relevant festivals and advancements can assist you in making a suitable plan of action at the ideal time. Additionally, preparing lets, you make more excellent use of these opportunities by permitting enough time for research and execution. To make it easier for you, we came up with a holiday sales list that will help you to find your relevant business days.

Advantages of the eCommerce Marketing Holiday Calendar

  • Know from the beginning of the year about the extraordinary days of the year.
  • Set up a phenomenal promoting system with the goal that your eCommerce store remains occupied consistently.
  • Get the correct devices to make your promoting procedure unshakable.

There are uncountable festivals that come consistently during a year, and the vast majority of them are incredible for online eCommerce stores to drive more sales. So, It is important to focus on these holidays and take maximum advantage of this to cash in on the profits.

eCommerce Market of USA

The United States is the third most populous country in the world, with an estimated population of 330,149,796 as of December 16, 2019. As the population rises, people and their needs also increase gradually. The advantage that the US holds is a huge online market as most of the people indulge in online shopping hence demand-supply chain works very efficiently in the country. According to reports, the US eCommerce Market contributes to a total of $547,690m and the holiday sales figures estimated at around $340 billion. The USA has a rich cultural heritage and houses diverse communities hence there is some of the other celebration day happening throughout the year.

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Every year the American shopping holidays have said to induce a huge amount of money into the eCommerce market making it the best shopping sales date in all of the US. A few of the promising holidays that can be targeted to sales are Easter, Spring & Summer Sale period that lasts around a month during their respective seasons. Amazon Prime Day, Small Business Saturday, Free Shipping Day, Boxing Day are also part of it. It is necessary to target these as the best shopping holidays that help to convert more inquiries into actual clients and bringing in the money.

Take a look at some of the major sales holidays in the USA.

01 January – New Year’s Day
06 January – Epiphany
20 January – Martin Luther King, Jr. / Blue Monday
25 January – Chinese New Year
28 January – Data Protection Day

01 February – National Freedom Day
02 February – Groundhog Day / Super Bowl
14 February – Valentine’s Day
17 February – President’s Day
25 February – Mardi Gras

03 March – World Wildlife Day
08 March – International Women’s Day
17 March – St. Patrick’s Day
19 March – March Equinox
23 March – National Puppy Day

06 April – National Tartan Day
10 April – Good Friday
12 April – Easter Sunday
15 April – Tax Day
22 April – World Earth Day

04 May – Star Wars Day
05 May – Cinco de Mayo
10 May – Mother’s Day
16 May – Armed Forces Day
21 May – Memorial Day

14 June – Flag Day / U.S. Army Birthday
20 June – June Solstice
21 June – Father’s Day

01 July – Canada Day
04 July – Independence Day
26 July – Parents’ Day
30 July – International Day of Friendship

07 August – International Beer Day
19 August – World Photography Day
21 August – Senior Citizens Day

01 September – Back to School
07 September – Labor Day
11 September – Patriot Day
13 September – National Grandparents Day
22 September – Equinox Day

12 October – Columbus Day
30 October – International Day of Friendship
31 October – Halloween

01 November – New York City Marathon
11 November – Veteran’s Day –
26 November – Thanksgiving Day
27 November – Black Friday
30 November – Cyber Monday

10 December – Hanukkah
14 December – Green Monday
25 December – Christmas Day
26 December – Boxing Day
25 December – New Year’s Evening

Don’t forget to download this holiday ecommerce marketing calendar for USA 2021.

Download Calender

Now, let’s dig in more about the important shopping holidays that played vital role in driving major online ecommerce store sales.

  • Easter:

Around 80% of Americans are intending to observe Easter according to the National Retail Federation. Furthermore, a huge part will make buys around the occasion. According to previous records in 2016, Easter spending arrived at a record high at generally $17.3 billion, with the normal customer spending around $146. These numbers prove that the month of April definitely has a window for prime online sales which means that eCommerce owners must step up and use this opportunity. Online stores ought to be ready to satisfy the current year’s needs which means that they ought to be prepared to meet the demands during this season. Offers like Buy 2 and Get 30% OFF and such similar offers would increase sales. To let your customers know about your store sales dont forget to add Homepage slider or product labels that will be shown at the top of your product page.

  • Spring Season:

This is the season to get rid of all that you bought during the Winter Season and buy things that you need during the Spring Season. Most of the online buyers would be inclined in shopping for clothes as that is the market that would experience increased sales. They wait for this sale season to make their purchases. This period is said to experience a major boost in sales as the season’s change and people’s demands also shift during this time. Exciting deals such as Buy1 Get 3 at the price of 1 really attracts the consumers.

  • Summer Season Sale:

This is another huge opportunity for eCommerce owners as there are various sale offers across online platforms and customers are spoilt for choice. If a brand focuses on offering the best deals then they can bank on the Back to School and New Office Joining crowd that would need to purchase various products. Owing to the fact that online sales have increased over the years, BOGO offers on brands definitely attract traffic to the website and contribute to an increase in sales.

  • Amazon Prime Sale:

This day is unofficially declared as the online sale day and offers a platform for budding eCommerce owners to promote the sales of their products in order to reach more number of consumers. In order to take full advantage of this important day, you can evaluate the products you need to focus on launching during the ‘sale period.’ According to Amazon Reports, there is an annual increase in the number of eCommerce sellers on the platform during this period as they dive in to make use of it.

  • Small Business Saturday:

The best time for small scale business to attract their customers as this is a weekend after Thanksgiving in the US, the busiest shopping period of the year. Basically, the importance of this sale day is that in case the consumer misses out on buying products during Thanksgiving they would look forward to deals immediately after those sale days. Hence, this is a good opportunity for e-commerce owners to provide discount coupons as well as reduce the prices of the primary products. End of Season 70-80% Off on Products across the website is a very attractive offer.

  • Free Shipping Day:

Consumers often complain that they wish to buy fewer items but end up buying more because of the minimum order amount. Most of the websites charge high shipping rates sometimes the Shipping charges seem to exceed the price of the actual product increasing the overall expense hence the consumer would shift to other options or choose to not shop. However, you can use Magento 2 Extensions like Free Shipping bar using which you can set a minimum order amount. When your customer exceed that minimum eligibility criterion they can avail free shipping on their order. Because if e-commerce partners reduce the minimum order amounts and offer low price deals then customers would show more interest in purchasing the products. This is one day in the US Calendar wherein a huge number of citizens wait to order everything that they have on the ‘wish list’ all year long.

  • Boxing Day:

This is that day in the Calendar that falls after the busiest season of giving and when customers wish to buy themselves whatever they wanted. In the past few years, this become the third most popular sale period for eCommerce where they are offering FLAT 50% OFF, 30% LESS on New Products till stocks last. After enjoying the Christmas break and working hard on the very next day customers would flock to online websites to indulge in some shopping therapy. The budding eCommerce partners can ensure that they have major discounts for all their hopeful customers.


These are some of the most unconventional shopping holidays in the USA during which exciting e-commerce offers would actually attract potential customers. Possible offers like a discount on shipping, opportunity to win gifts and redeem points for special products all of these would really influence customers to make a purchase during this time. In order to reach out to people, promotions during the holiday period as clients would be surfing the Internet for their needs and in case there is an exciting offer then they would definitely be influenced to make a purchase. As a holiday sales boost, the website can further allow customers to redeem gift cards, use special discount coupons and offer codes. You can also consult an eCommerce Expert who will help you to plan your campaigns and guide you to double up your sales.

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