Holiday eCommerce – Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Online Store for Increased Traffic

November 11, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Holiday eCommerce – Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Online Store for Increased Traffic

That is why this Christmas season is ideal for an eCommerce shop. Holidays are supposed to be spent shopping, but figures show that 40% of customers are starting to buy earlier this year than last. We know that pandemics have made it difficult for people to go out and shop in person, but that will no longer be the case this year, since most businesses will be open.

Because the number of online customers is growing, eCommerce stores must prepare their sites to handle significantly more traffic than they did the rest of the year. Because if the online store does not work well, it will most likely cause problems for them as well as the brand’s image and sales.

Now comes the question of what to do. As a result, in this tutorial, we will go over all you need to know about prepping your online business for higher visitors. We will also look at how eCommerce business owners might benefit from seasonal discounts or events.

We all know and realize that eCommerce shops make more money during the holidays than they do throughout the rest of the year. As a result, if your website is not prepared for holiday traffic, you will lose a client and revenues.

You must also ensure that the website you create is very secure and capable of serving millions of clients. Cybercrime is on the rise, and attackers are always on the lookout for establishments with lax protection. They used to target similar shops over the holidays, when sales were higher than projected. Hiring a Magento Developer is critical to preventing your shop from being targeted and destroyed.

How You Can Drive Traffic To Your Website?

It is no surprise that having a lot of visitors is everyone’s dream, and eCommerce shops are continuously looking for strategies to drive more traffic. While this is a frequent issue for everyone, it is critical to find decent traffic.

There are two ways to increase visitors to your website: paid advertisements and free marketing tactics. And if you look at the procedure, both are a little complicated, which is why we will tell you how to attract traffic to your website here.

  • Optimize Your Site for Sales

Whether you are a new eCommerce store owner or a seasoned store owner with years of expertise, it is critical that you optimize your site for sales. Optimization is one of the most effective methods for increasing traffic and consumers to your website.

If your business is optimized, chances are your customers will have a positive experience whether they visit to buy a product or read information. But, before we get into how to prepare your site for higher traffic and revenue, you need optimize it for improved performance.

  • Add Navigation Bar and clear CTAs

A navigation bar is vital for every website since customers are usually in a rush, therefore you must make it easy for them to search. You may assist people locate what they are looking for by including a navigation button on your website.

Visitors may leave if the site is difficult to use or performs poorly. If your product catalog is not on your site, you must include a shop now button to take visitors from the homepage to the product catalog.

You can also utilize Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento 2 to provide your customers with a nice shopping experience. You may use this extension to filter store goods and restrict their search by selecting numerous product parameters via a checkbox, dropdown, and a variety of other features.

When you are through with the product catalog and navigation bar, it is time to give your product a strong CTA. Because this persuades them to buy your goods, it must be entertaining and relevant. As a result, your website should always contain a navigation bar and obvious CTAs.

  • Be specific to your offerings

Yes, it would be beneficial if you acknowledged what you are providing. Customers become perplexed when selecting and understanding the goods since some websites provide insufficient representation. As a result, you must be very explicit about your services while providing or advertising your items.

  • Communicate with your target audience

Communication is essential in business because how you communicate with your customers determines how long you will be in company. You must communicate with your target audience in order to learn what they think about your company.

Another advantage of communicating with your audience is that you can provide them what they want, which will result in enormous sales. As a result, ensure that you interact with your audience and address their problems.

Tips on Preparing your Store For Increased Traffic

Because of the pandemic, eCommerce shop sales are increasing, and it is no surprise that consumers are still searching for protection and purchasing from home. While consumers are at home purchasing their favorite things or products, you may provide them with the finest shopping experience possible by preparing your business for increased traffic. This article can assist you by providing advice on preparing your shop for increased visitors.

1. Make a necessary changes

If you own an eCommerce business and have an outdated website, you will lose sales and money. Yes, in today’s world, everyone wants a website where they can effortlessly purchase and finish the checkout process in under a minute.

While this is a requirement or necessity, if you are still using Magento 1, you must improve your website and transition to Magento 2. At the same time, you must ensure that the features you have supplied to clients are operational, since this has a significant influence on the consumer psychology. Because customers will believe you are playing games and wasting their time, your eCommerce store sales will suffer.

2. Check for website speed

Turtles are more appealing in the wild than on the internet. You must determine whether your website’s performance is enough in light of Google’s latest upgrade or suggestion. It is advised that your website load time be kept under two seconds. This implies that your website should not be slower than necessary because it may annoy your visitors or consumers.

You must have a quick website if you want to offer the best of your goods during holiday sales. Customers are rushed throughout the Christmas season and want to conclude their shopping as quickly as possible. That is why you must keep your website as quick as possible.

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3. Streamline the checkout process

Assume you are ready to service your consumers and your Christmas marketing campaign is up and running. But now imagine your clients having trouble completing the checkout process and encountering technological faults or other issues. What do you think will happen?

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Because you may assist your consumers in completing the checkout process, your store’s checkout procedure should be as straightforward as feasible. You may hire eCommerce consultants to assist you design an easy-to-use checkout for your consumers.

Ending Up!

Finally, you must prepare your store before the holiday and make it ready for possible consumers. We have already discussed how to prepare your shop for an eCommerce store.

Want to prepare your store for this cyber Monday? M-Connect Media can help. We have an in-house team of eCommerce consultants who can help you design a website that can serve your holiday shoppers without a hitch. Contact us for more information.

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