Migrate to Magento 2: Why, How and What does it Cost?

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Magento 2 migration service

Magento 2 is present in the market for the past two years. Merchants wonder how Magento 2 is different from Magento 1. It is different in all aspects – the coding structure, the layout, the modules and of course a few newly added features.

Why Migrate to Magento 2?

You are successfully running your E-commerce store on Magento 1, then why to take these troubles of migration? The first reason is Magento’s notification.

It has previously announced to end the support for Magento 1 by june 2020 but due to heated arguments, this decision has been halted.

Instead, they committed 18 months’ notice before revoking the Magento 1 support. The pressure has been decreased but hasn’t released as a whole. Always be prepared for the worst situation. What if, Magento declares notice tomorrow or in a couple of months? Do you want to run at the last moment? You have already set up your E-commerce business. Are you willing to shut it down? Throwing all your efforts in vain? No, right?

Let’s see another reason. If Magento 1 is capable enough, then why does Magento release new versions? Forget Magento. You use operating systems like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. New versions are released at specified intervals. Have you noticed the common thing among all these new versions? It’s “Improvement.” So, Magento 2 is an improvement worth investing. You’ll never regret it. That’s a promise!

It is wonderful if you have not yet migrated your store to Magento 2. You’ll get to use a more stable version of Magento 2.

Once you do, you will see the difference…

Let’s look at some real-world brands using Magento 2 as their E-commerce platform.

  • Land Rover – No, they don’t sell their real cars online! It’s their subsidiary to sell apparels, gifts and model cars.
  • Chopard – The high-end jewelry and watch brand have already prevented the nightmare.
  • Omega Watches – This Swiss watch giant is on a safer side.

Your turn next!!!

How to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

When you search online, you’ll have very much differing suggestions, advises and steps of course. Don’t get confused and don’t be scared. Let’s simplify.

Planning and Analysis

Are we trying to build a new website? No, but some planning and analysis are required before initiating the migration process. Ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Do you want to migrate the entire data (products, pages, content, etc.) or remove some?
  • Do you want to have the appearance of your Magento 2 store same as Magento 1?
  • Do you use all the extensions, custom modules on your Magento 1 store and want them on Magento 2 store as well?

In answer to the first question, there will be something on site to be removed. This is a good chance. It will save some time in data migration. Talking about the appearance, Magento 2 is responsive, and Magento 1 is not. Neither of their front end nor final end appearance is identical. Lastly, navigate to your admin panel and look for the extensions and custom modules in use as you’ll be needing them for your Magento 2 store as well.

If you don’t belong to a technical background, you’ll need help from a designer and developer. Magento 2 extension providers will be in demand in either of the cases.

Allocate a Separate Development Environment

You are not going to shut down your existing Magento 1 store until the Magento 2 store is developed. So, make sure the Magento 2 development does not harm your Magento 1 installation. Once the Magento 2 store is ready after data migration, you need to first test it thoroughly and then go live.

Make sure, when you are about to go live, there is minimum traffic or almost no traffic on your store. As it would create a negative impression on the visitors. If there is no such time slot, you put a disclaimer to avoid any confusion.

Choose a Theme

If you want the look of your Magento 2 store to be same, opt for a similar looking theme from Magento marketplace to save customizing efforts. It is mandatory to choose a new Magento 2 theme, as copying Magento 1 theme folders is not going to work.

More stress is given to choose a free Magento 2 theme, as paid themes are weighty and may not be suitable for your store environment. Whichever theme you want, it will require some amount of customization.

If you are willing to have a new fresh look (and a budget to afford it!), you can get a new Magento theme developed from scratch. It consumes time as well.

Select the Magento 2 Extensions

Every Magento store has some custom code or extension/s installed. Each store owner will have different requirements and wants to represent his/her store in the best possible manner. In the planning phase, you have already decided which extensions or custom codes are needed for the Magento 2 store.

So, start searching for the Magento 2 extensions. They’ll be available for sure as Magento 2 is now two years old. Majority of the extension providers have developed their extensions in Magento 2.

If you have any custom code, ask your developer to code it for Magento 2.

Data Migration

The last, final and most crucial step. The photo frame is ready; you merely need to add the picture!

The data to be transferred is already decided in the planning phase. Data migration will cover every aspect including products, customers, orders, configurations, promotions, pages and much more. You must be wondering, how you are going to transfer such massive tons of data — no need to panic. Either seek Magento support from your developer or make use of data migration tool.

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To avoid any confusion or mistakes, it is better to pursue professional help. Go ahead by yourself, only if you are confident enough!

What does it Cost?

Yes, we know you’ve been reading this long blog to know how much does it cost. It is based on your store. As mentioned earlier, every E-commerce store is different. No two stores are identical. It depends on the theme you choose, the number of extensions you have to purchase, developer and designer costs.

Don’t worry we are not leaving you clueless here. If hire professional Magento support service for the migration, the cost is as low as $13/hour. If you want to optimize the performance of your Magento based online store, then you can take the Magento website maintenance service.


We are a professional Magento agency, hurry up and get started with cost-effective Magento migration service! And please do not forget to perform exhaustive testing of your Magento 2 store before going live. All the best!!!

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