Top Link Building Ideas to Utilize for Your Online Store

March 11, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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For many years, businesses were focused on quantity of link building rather than quality. But the link building, as we know it today, has been changed forever. Building quantitative and irrelevant backlinks is of no use & doesn’t provide any value. The quality and authority of the pages where you build links play a vital role in determining how high your webstore will rank on SERPs.

The first thing you need to understand while creating a link-building strategy for your brand is you can’t build links overnight. There are many proven ways and tactics using which you can build high-quality backlinks for your website. And in this article, we have come up with top link-building ideas to utilize for your online store. But before that let’s understand what link building is?

What is Link Building?

Link building means generating one-way hyperlinks of a website that helps in improving the visibility of that website in search engines. Through link building, online shopping stores, blogs, or other businesses can improve their digital presence on Google Search Engine. Also, it helps to enhance the organic reach of your business.

Top Link Building Ideas to Utilize for Your Online Store

The link-building ideas presented here are specially helpful for busy marketers and eCommerce store owners. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Reach Out to Relevant Businesses for Links

The first way to build relevant links for your online store is by increasing the outreach. Start by asking other relevant businesses in your niche if they can link back to your website. The only thing to take care of is link must be from a relevant website. Because links from irrelevant sources do not have that much of an impact. Thus, you must always outreach to businesses with high relevancy and a high level of authority to build good quality links.

At first, you may experience a lot of rejection if your business has low or zero authority. Also, you’ll come across businesses that’ll charge you for mentioning your website on theirs. Simply, this is a form of advertising, which others are doing for you and so, you can’t expect it to be free.

Another thing to keep in mind is you have to convince the other person that you are right for the job, just like an interview, and mention your website on theirs. Thus, it becomes highly important what you’ll say when you introduce your business and why the link creators should give you a link.

2. Link Building through Online Forum

If done right, link building through online forums can be effective in improving your bottom line results. You’ll find many marketers saying forum link building is not an effective strategy because of their inability to provide value in exchange for the links. And some marketers go overboard with forum link building & spam it to death.

However, doing it the proper way will make it either a primary or secondary source of lead generation. So, the question is how to utilize forums in a proper way? To have an answer for that, you first need to know why people use forums. The forum participants generally use it to ask questions like what product is worth the price, which product best suits their specific purpose, and other product specifications. They research about products to get insights before making purchases.

To find the specific forums where the discussion about the product is already going on, you can use the following key phrases

  • Inurl:forum “Best Magento Extensions”
  • Inurl:thread “Best Magento Extensions”
  • Inurl:discussion “Best Magento Extensions”

This is just for easy understanding, you can use your own products and make variations to find forums where you can market your products & build links in the process. Few things to consider when you find niche forums are the target audience the forum has, its monthly organic traffic, and traffic cost. Give priority to 20% of the forums that can give you around 80% of the result.

3. Partner with Other Businesses

Another best approach for link building you must adopt is to partner with other businesses (that you are in not direct competition). For instance, you can partner with such companies selling products that complement or add value to the products you are selling and ask them for link exchange.

E.g. an online store selling furniture can partner with online stores selling paints.

Such companies can link back to each other on their website content to lure in mutual customers (Specifically customers looking to buy paints for their furniture or are in search of hand-painted furniture).

Here, companies can mention their partners in a simple blog post or on their website resource page. Now the question is where to find such companies?

What you can do here is visit the local business directory or attend online events, conferences, or seminars to meet fellow entrepreneurs personally.

4. Replicating the Links from Competitors

The world is becoming more and more digital and thus, the links you build can’t stay hidden. Same way, the links your competitors have built can’t stay hidden from the rest of the world including you. But the question isn’t how they built their links, it is how you can replicate the same links & success your competitors enjoy.

Once you find the effective links your competitors have built, it’s time to reap the benefits of it. While you are at it, you want to be careful and avoid building links that raise red flags. The best sites you want to target to build links must have high domain & page authority. Building links on such websites will help you gain a significant advantage and also improves your rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

5. Turn Broken Links into Working Links

This link-building idea is fairly easy to implement, however, it should not be the only strategy for link building. Instead what you can do is make it a part of your larger link-building strategy. The key idea behind this is to find broken or dead external links on online blogs or pages. Once you find any, contact that blogger or admin of the website and request them to replace the broken link with one of your working links.

Using this strategy, you can build links on pages with inherited authority, build links from relevant content, and inherit links that were previously linked to your competitors. Doing so will help optimize your website’s SEO score.

Now, the question is how to find a broken external link? For this, use the backlinks analytic tool. The tool will give you a list of your competitors so that you can start analyzing them. After a thorough analysis, you’ll find many pages with broken links. Narrow down the sites from where you can get high-quality links and request the owner to replace the broken one with yours.

Summing Up

Link building is an effective off-page SEO strategy to improve your page rank and get more customers organically. Having a small amount of but high-quality links signals search engines that you are a reliable & authorized business. Thus, to have high-quality links for your business, you need to form a link-building strategy. And we have come up with these top link-building ideas you can utilize for your online store.

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