6 Tips to Increase Online Sale Conversions this Holiday Season

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Tips for Holiday Sales

Attracting customers or visitors to your website through different pages is not sufficient for increasing the conversion rate. But there are numerous ways to boost your store sales and revenue.

As the holiday season brings high traffic and sales opportunities, this is the best suitable time to make efforts to optimize the conversion rate.

Let us share the tips to help you increase sales conversions for your online retail store this holiday season:

Engage with Mobile Customers:

As the technology is getting better and better, the customers are getting smarter. The number of mobile users and mobile shoppers is continuously increasing. During the holiday sales season, almost traffic comes from the mobile devices.

However, it is vital to have a website which is mobile friendly. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, it is not too late for you. While developing your website responsive or mobile friendly, make sure that every buying step of your store creates the perfect shopping experience.

Drive Sales with Promotions:

As the holiday sales season is there, the competition between the stores increases to attract higher traffic and make more sales as well as profits. There are various ways to attract customers to your site and make them purchase products or gifts from you.

Promotions are the way which can drive the sales more successfully during this festive season. To enhance the sales rate, you can create promotions when offering free shipping and big discounts on your store. Specifically, if you are operating your own marketplace, you can set the time for shoppers to get discounts and how many slots you offer, which depends on you. Giving customers more chances to get discounts can increase sales and also raise buyer’s loyalty.

You can do a survey or do a research about the latest shopping trends before you actually create the promotions. And this will surely help you to increase the conversion rates.

Focus On Last Minute or Post-Holiday Shoppers:

You may come across some dawdlers during the Holiday Sale season in 2015. However, you should have a plan considering those late comers this year.

To satisfy your last minute shoppers, you can offer:

• Free shipping and likely increase the average order value
• Gift E-cards
• Large discounts and promotions to create the urgency.

There will be some shoppers who will shop after the holiday sales such as customers coming for redemptions, using the gift vouchers received or for the exchange of gifts. You can grab this opportunity to engage with those shoppers and give them advanced shopping experience.

Use Email Marketing to Drive Traffic:

Email is the oldest channel for marketing purpose and when it comes to increasing the traffic or sales, it is the first choice of the eCommerce industry. As the holiday season is going on, the eCommerce businesses can take the full advantage of this channel to engage with their customers and bring them to their site.

However, when you are planning the email marketing campaign for the holiday season, ensure that the email format contains the content which is helpful, interactive, promotes and offers the product suggestions.

Offer Live Chat and 24/7 support:

Your existing customers may know how you operate your business. But this cannot be same with every customer that visits your store. They might have some questions or doubts after referring to some pages or products and that is the time when they need someone to assist or help them.

Some of those customers may leave your site if they don’t find answers to their questions and this can be a loss when the number of such customers increases. To avoid such situations and increase the conversion rate, you can offer a live chat support on your eCommerce website. This will reduce the time in getting the resolution or answers and will increase the chances to make the purchase. You can consider some powerful features of a model live chat extension to understand more about the importance of owning live chat support.

As the holiday season can be a crucial time for most of the eCommerce businesses, try to offer the live chat support to the customers for 24/7.

Use Powerful Call to Actions:

During other time of the year, you get comparatively more time to attract the visitors or customers. But this time gets reduced during the holiday sales season. You need to ensure that everything is as simple as possible with a fast call to action. Make it easy for the customers to reach the page or steps to purchase the product which they are searching on your store.

Use the above-described tips to offer a better shopping experience and to expand your holiday sales ROI.

Do you need help to apply these tips to enhance your eCommerce Store conversion rates? Please feel free to speak to our eCommerce experts!

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