Magento eCommerce Discovery

We take a path of exploration together, wherein we analyze the essentiality of having a Magento website for your business after analyzing the competition that exists in the arena. We will identify the goals that need to be met and set the timeline too for accomplishing the same.

Finding out the need for a Magento Website - Discovery

  •   Analysis of the need
  •   Analysis of competition
  •   Identifying goals and deadlines
  •   Meet to brief up
Step 1: Finding out the need for a Magento Website - Discovery


Yes, this is a discovery process. We start right from the scratch. It is during this stage that we have a one-on-one meeting and we will learn more about your business and your objectives. We will try to gather as much information possible about your business and will perform a clear SWOT analysis. Your strengths and weaknesses...we will identify your opportunities and will work towards countering your threats. Our vision will be focused towards bettering the performance of your business in the current competitive scenario.

Analysis of the need

Our E-Commerce technology consultants will take a closer look at your website and will try to identify loopholes if any which are affecting the growth of your business. Once they identify this, they will be able to come up with the right ecommerce store which can perform well under any circumstances.

Analysis of competition

In addition to that, our E-Commerce experts will also perform a competitive analysis that will give a clearer picture of where you stand as a business when compared to the competitors in the same niche. Once we ascertain your position, we will draw a plan of action to better the situation with our customized ecommerce solutions.

identifying goals and deadlines

We know perfectly well that we cannot function without a goal and a set time frame. In order to ensure that there is uninterrupted and smooth flow of work, we will identify goals that are easily achievable, realistic so to say. We believe in setting up objectives at crucial junctures so that working becomes motivating and a pleasure too for the eCommerce store.

Meet to brief up

Once we have identified our goals and timelines for submission, we will ask the related Magento experts to come for a meeting so that all the people engaged in the project will be on the same platform. This interaction is going to be with you too, so that you get a chance to express your expectations to our people.